LV trunks....

  1. Hello everyone,
    Last night I was telling my hubby that I need a LV trunk (he just rolls his eyes and says "do you now",lol. Anyway, do yall know much about these, I think they have to be special ordered. I would like one big enough to fit at the foot of my bed that has a lock (I assume they all have locks) to keep the kiddos from nosing around. And I also want to know what we are looking at in terms of cost. I noticed on elux that they have a small trunk for about two grand. So are we talking more than $15,000 or $20,000 for these things???
  2. Just to give you an idea the retail of the wardrobe in monogram canvas here in europe is 32.000 USD made to order only
  3. wow...would love to see one up close and in person. I bet they are TDF.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. The very top one above is called the Malle Haute and it is $ 15,000 us.

    The Next one the Malle Cabine is $ 12,600 us

    And the last one is The Malle Courrier and it $ 13,500 us.
  6. Good luck with that.....
  7. yea the trunks are not as expensive as the wardrobes. the trunks are actually made a few at a time and don't have to be ordered first. My aunt bought 2 for her twin neices when they graduated college. Must be nice to be the favorites!
  8. the coffret on elux is like a mini jewel box, but if you want something like a footlocker, its $$$$$$$$$$ and special order.
  9. Some of the trunks are not special order, they have 4 for sale in my LV right now.
  10. If you do get one (or two) don't forget to post pics!!!
  11. Thanks for the pics and info theglamorous. They look beautiful, will have to actually go by and take a look and get a few ideas.