LV Trunk...

  1. Anyone here have one? Pictures?

    I'm interested in purchasing one and just wondering what everyone thinks.
  2. I wish I had one!
  3. I almost purchased a bisten 70 but I think im gonna give it some time...
  4. You mean one of those trunks that are made of wood and covered by the canvas or leather of your choice? If you mean one of those, I will give you my honest opinion about them:

    They are dinosaurs, meaning they are relicts of the past when travelling was very different from today. They are heavy, expensive and very likely to get damaged by today's underpaid luggage handlers. If your lifestyle is so fabulous that you both have a private jet as well as a personal assistant, then by all means get a set of trunks. However, if you are a normal person who travels (alone) on a commercial airline, get a Pegase or an Eole.
  5. ^Or simply use them as furniture or decoration.
  6. Yes, I suppose you could.
  7. I couldn't even imagine getting a Pegase or Eole for traveling.. I'd rather just have TUMI and save the $ for a purse.
  8. LV Trunks could be used in today's travel, you'd just have to:
    a) Always check it in as fragile
    b) Insure it heavily
    c) Use a cover on it

    or the private jet+personal assistant also works
    Plus LV offers repairs so don't be too afraid to use it i'd say. However I do agree that the Pegasus and the Satellite would be more practical today. Or you could always go with Samsonite for moderately priced quality luggage.

    I am however considering getting a Bisten 70 and ACTUALLY USING IT...
  9. If by Trunk, you mean the big steamer trunks that you have to order: I absolutely adore them, but i think that they are pretty impractical for travelling by aeroplane.

    Or if by Trunk, you mean the suitcases like the Alzer and Bisten: I love those too and think they're fine for checking on an aeroplane as long as you don't mind them getting a few dinks and scratches.
  10. Actually, I've been thinking of getting a trunk recently.

    I'd specifically use it as a piece of furniture, ie, at the end of my bed, to keep my LV bags in, definately not for travelling.

    I was speaking to my SA recently, and she said someone ordered one recently, and was using it as a coffee table (they got a piece of glass cut to put on top of it to protect it.)

    Does anyone have one, and would they have any pictures they would mind showing us?

    Many thanks

  11. I'd love to see pics too, especially as furniture.. I've often thought of one for a coffee table.

    For specialized purposes an SO trunk designed for that may be awesome - love to know more about what you are looking for.
  12. Oh ii would love a Louis Vuitton trunk.
  13. A trunk as a piece of furniture/decorative item strikes me as pretty darned tacky, no offence to whomever disagrees. Which may just be the majority of this forum *braces for impact* The only circumstance where this idea actually works (imo) is in heavily-stylised fashion magazine images.

    Vuitton trunks are gloriously beautiful things, but I'd have absolutely no use for one that wouldn't look and feel completely overkill.
  14. i would love to have a trunk !
  15. Hmm, "pretty darned tacky" seems a *bit* harsh... ;)

    I genuinely need something to store my LV stuff in, and I still love the idea of having a huge trunk to open up and arrange it all in.