LV Trunk show

  1. My SA (from my alternate boutique) called me yesterday morning telling me about a trunk show at her boutique (Hollywood & Highland) on Thurs Feb 28th. :nuts:
    (I still have to call her again asking about time and detail of the show.)

    She said that there'll be runway bags along with limited pieces on display. The waitlisted will be opened for anyone who's interested, but she recommened me to be on the list ASAP. She also mentioned that this collection is really limited just like the Murakami (Cherry Blossom) collection.

    She'll send me a copy of the lookbook via my e-mail, but I guess, I already know most of the info from our tPFers. Thanks to you all. :ty:

    As soon as I get that mail, I'll certainly report back.
  2. Lucky You!
  3. ohhh sound s good
  4. go and let us knwo what ya see..hopefully with pics.:tup:
  5. Lucky, I love the new RP bags coming out!!
  6. let us all know all the details!
  7. Wow that sounds like fun!
  8. Have fun!
  9. have a great time!