LV Trunk Clutch reverse - should I get it? Or wait for petite malle?

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  1. Recently my SA found me a reverse trunk clutch which I have always lusted for. But the price tag in my country is much higher and my SO will go Paris and London on Jan next year. Should I hold off? Or it's very difficult to get reverse version in Paris and London?

    Besides that, my SA told me trunk clutch is not part of the iconic so may not hold the value well compare to the petite malle.

    Can you guys share your opinion with me? Thanks in advance. :smile:
  2. Petite Malle doesn’t hold value well at all. If you go on resell websites like The Real Real, seller have all sold them at a discount relative to purchase price. If you look at trunk clutch, right now they are selling for about same/ slightly more than retail on these websites. I suspect the reason is more people can comfortably afford 3k bags than 5k+ ones.

    Sure trunk clutch isn’t as iconic as petite malle for now but it may be someday depending on its popularity. Only time will tell.
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  3. Hi thanks for your reply! I really didn't know petite malle doesn't hold the value well. My SA kept saying it's part of iconic and it's like the collector item and I should get that instead.
    But from what I read online, reverse lv bag is hard to get and I should just get it now rather than wait my SO trip to Paris. Do you think so?
  4. Lol, of course your sa says that. Petite Malle is a hard sided piece and as such she/he gets more commission out of it not to mention it is close to double the price for trunk clutch hence even more commission.

    Reverse, from my understanding, is usually more desirable for now. Obviously you are taking a chance when you wait. That’s a decision you have to make on your own. No one can tell you what the stock situation is like in Europe unless you happen to know lvmh corporate employee. My understanding is both Paris and London is regularly cleaned out by Chinese resellers. However, your other half is going during dead winter so perhaps there will be more stock because lack of tourists during that time.
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  5. I have both and I agree with what @Kevinh73 said. Petite Malle is iconic and all that, however the resale value isn’t great, it isn’t a daily bag and more a statement piece. I love carrying it and got so many compliments, the Pochette Malle Reverse is a more versatile bag to the point that I could carry it for work and it fits much more.

    It is also more budget friendly. Having said that, buy what makes your heart sing, otherwise you won’t feel satisfied and will still think about it at the back of your mind,
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  6. You want the reverse trunk clutch and you you always lusted for it.
    This bag is surely sold out and if you have the opportunity to buy it now, you should.