LV Trunk as Coffee Table

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  1. So, next weekend I'm going with my BF to look at houses and townhomes and I'm very excited to fill up my pad as soon as I get it, hopefully in 2 years. :love: We are giving ourselves plenty of time to make sure we find something we love, PLUS, I'd like to graduate before I move out, ya know.

    So, In my search for the PERFECT housewarming gift to myself, I have fallen head over heels with the LV trunk that we've all seen Jessica Simpson taking home. I was wondering how many of you actually use one of these babies as a coffee table and if I could see a few pics PLEASE.

    I've got a few other questions...

    Do you feel it's a good idea to use these trunks as coffee tables? Won't they get dirty from use? They are very valuable.

    Does anyone know a trunk restoration place that can restore LV?

    How much is too much for one of these trunks? I've seen very pricey ones so I know I've got to start saving now!
  2. Is that your collection in your member picture ? That's fabulous, you should post it in the members collection section so we can all oogle and live varcariously through your gorgeous collection ! :lol:
  3. Thanks! The glass is a great idea.. I will definately look into buying a piece of glass to go with with trunk, might as well because those trunks are pricey!!
  4. Thank you! You are so sweet! I just joined this forum and have a feeling I am going to LOVE it here! I will try and find the section you are talking about and post the pics in there. :biggrin:
  5. Are you a fan of the Toronto Maple Leaves?
  6. Yes, but not the way they've been playing lately!
  7. I've always liked the idea of using a trunk or even a larger leather ottoman as a coffee table. Especially if you have a small place, it's a smart use of space when your furniture can do double duty as either storage or seating and coffee table.
  8. Tell me about it! I'm a Florida Panthers fan.. and we started the season great but once we are on the road we just forget how to play. But it's ok because we just played the NJ Devils and had a shut out win 4-0!! :biggrin:
  9. I'm just afraid of the damage I could do to such a great antique.
  10. Well, it you have kids or pets, I'd certainly hesitate to put it where it could get scratched or pee'd on. But these were built to last and take a lot of abuse (they were for travel, after all) so it might hold up better than you'd imagine.
  11. When I was in the Army, I got a trunk, the plain black sort, that I put stickers on from all the places I traveled.

    When I went back to school, I used it as my coffee table in all my student apartments and I kept a set of clear acrylic place mats on top to keep it clean when I placed cups or plates on it.

    It was very worn from actual travel, but I always got compliments on how unique it looked. It's part of my history.

    Of course for something as valuable as an LV trunk, you'd definitely want something more protective to cover it. The glass is a good idea.
  12. That sounds so great! I wish I had thought to get stickers from all the places I travelled. I only get the airline stickies!

    I think the LV trunk as coffee table is a fabulous idea. Go for it! How much does an average one go for?
  13. Jep, go with that idea. I love it.... :smile: It brings something old and eunice to a room...
    Even thou I only have one room right now, I have a Middel Age thing going on in my room, and that just brings something to it...

  14. Here's a pic from Ebay using a trunk as a decorative piece.


    The bid right now is at $1076 and the action has five days left. Are you new to Ebay? If so, don't bid now, wait til the last minute, literally, and you better your chances of winning. I did that last week and won a LV monogram hardside suitcase that I bought just as a collectible piece.