LV Trunk and Antique Roadshow!!!

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  1. Hello ladies and gents, I am not a regular contributer in your forum as I do not have a LV in my purse collection (yet! hee hee) but I wanted to give you the heads up on something cool that should be coming up on tv.

    A girlfriend of mine was working for the local press at the Antiques Roadshow when it hit Grand Rapids MI, this past weekend and a lady in the area brought in apparently a BEAUTIFUL LV trunk that had come over on the Queen Mary (I hope I have the ship name right!!). It was appraised over $40k, the gf that told me about it said every single little button on there had the LV stamp and it was in gorgeous condition. So it may be something to keep an eye out for when they do the Grand Rapids MI edition of the show to see it, wish I had seen it in person to say exactly what it looked like, I'll definitely be waiting for that show to air!:tup:
  2. very cool! thanks for sharing! I wonder if the lady bought it or inherited it....
  3. She inherited it, it came over w/ her great-great grandmother I believe? The appraiser offered her 30k in cash on the spot, but she passed, figuring that if she holds out there might be a high offer from the same person in a few weeks :smile:

    Man I wish I had a trunk like that in my family heirlooms! LOL
  4. $40,000!!! :wtf: