LV Troy MI Party ... my new stuff too!


Mar 2, 2006
First off, no pics of the actual party, I was so busy doing other things and talking to people that pulling out this fat ass camera was a huge hassle!

Got there a little before 7, waited outside for the doors to open! Everything looked so nice from outside lol. Ran into a fellow PF, she had her gold mirror speedy! Went inside, it was so AWESOME! The champagne was good, I drank like 5 or 6, I cant remember. Talked with practically every SA in the store, they all tride to help me decide on what to get well this is what I eneded up with! Lots of nice things shipped in like this one watch with diamonds on it.. $10,300.00 I believe this lady ended up buying it later on... I helped this one lady decide on her new nomade lockit which btw is so HOT!!!! they come with different dust covers too, like a maroon color. Then we ended up getting her a keepall 50 with strap, and her hubby surprised ehr with something else! oh Juan, I have to tell you some stuff so def. message me lol! The compliments never ended on my tan, my necklace, my bindis, my jacket it was GREAT Lol!

any ways here ya go!

Saw only 3 mirror bags, 1 was a pochette but it was on display. The other two were a gold and silver speedy.

Just AMAZING stuff, sadly my store is sending back some of those things because it doesnt yet carry those products!