LV Trompe Trocadero

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  1. Hello. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a new or gently used LV Trompe Trocadero??? I have been trying e-bay for about sixth months, but no luck. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm looking too.... anyone?
  3. Hi, I dont know, have you tried Let-trade or requesting one by e-mailing Let-trade ??. I havent seen one on eBay too :sad:
  4. I havent seen any of them.
  5. I've seen some every now and then on eBay... you just have to watch for one like a hawk! :P
  6. I saw on eBay 2-3 months ago even I think 1 month ago. Seller asked around $2500-3000 ( correct me if I'm wrong ) but I also saw Trompe L'Ingenieux and sold for $1500 only :nuts:
  7. YOU'RE KIDDING???!?!?!?!?!!? :wtf: :nuts::wtf:
  8. OMG! $1500!

    Anyway, there's one on ebay now for around $3000! I think I'll down grade to a pochette instead.
  9. No, I'm serious :yes: :biggrin::true: First time, she asked for almost $2000, unsold, then she relisted for $1500 and SOLD... I ever auth it here. Oooh, actually it's the price on eBay for plain Suhali L'Ingenieux, not for Trompe L'Ingenieux, she sold it pretty cheap...

  10. Which seller is this?
  11. Here, Trompe Le Fabu:

    Item number: 260196682830

    LT sold on Aug or July for $2999
  12. Thanks!

    Asking for $5000! God!
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