LV Trompe Trocadero


Jan 6, 2006
Hello. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find a new or gently used LV Trompe Trocadero??? I have been trying e-bay for about sixth months, but no luck. Any suggestions?
I saw on eBay 2-3 months ago even I think 1 month ago. Seller asked around $2500-3000 ( correct me if I'm wrong ) but I also saw Trompe L'Ingenieux and sold for $1500 only :nuts:
YOU'RE KIDDING???!?!?!?!?!!? :wtf: :nuts::wtf:

No, I'm serious :yes: :biggrin::true: First time, she asked for almost $2000, unsold, then she relisted for $1500 and SOLD... I ever auth it here. Oooh, actually it's the price on eBay for plain Suhali L'Ingenieux, not for Trompe L'Ingenieux, she sold it pretty cheap...