LV Trivia

  1. Thought it would be fun to post an LV trivia thread since all of us are so nuts about Louis.

    Please post a factoid you know about Louis that you would like to share with your fellow tPFers. The more interesting the trivia, the better!

    I will start:

    Most of the vachetta cowhide leather that LV uses is from Northern European cattle, because the cold weather causes less skin blemishes due to insect bites.
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    -The press gets a bag about a month before each runway:

    +For the S/S '05 it was the Lizard Cerises Pochette.

    +For the F/W '07 Squitchy Bag, for the SS07 a TDF cabas like the LVOE one but instead of having the LVOE letters there is a cut Speedy incrusted. This bag was supposed to be released but they decided at the last moment not to put it on the runway.

    -The press also gets Christmas gifts. In 2005, it was the Petit Noe Epi Mocha with gunmetal hardware. In 2006 it was the Miroir Silver Speedy, with only a few lucky enough to receive it.

    -There is a range of different products especially created for 'Best Client' and/or to resolve problems. Baguettes Chinoises, Bougies de Voyages, Incenses de Voyages, Bookmark, Night Flight Kit... They created this line of products to avoid having to give a discount on an item currently retailing in the store. It's 2 totally different budgets. It's also in order to maintain an easy management of the inventory.
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    Only 1% of all bags made in the world with the famous Monogram Canvas pattern is authentic Louis Vuitton product
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  5. Does that mean the rest are fake?
    Cool thread by the way. I don't know any trivia...I'll be reading here!
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  7. That's awesome! I want to be in the press! My major is journalism! lol!
  8. louis vuitton made trunks because in the olden days (1854) the dresses of royalty were so elaborate and complex that they required certain trunks to store them, and vuitton was a professional trunk packer.
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  10. The Monogram pattern was originally designed to prevent counterfeit by Louis Vuitton's son. How ironic. (sorry, I keep having these counterfeit trivia!!)

    The South Coast Plaza store in Costa Mesa, CA is the largest grossing store in the continental United States.

    come on, guys! More trivia, please!
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  13. For the Damier fans:
    The Damier pattern is older than the renowned Monogram. It was made in 1888 (Mono in 1896).
  14. This thread ROCKS! I just may have to come up with a complaint to get resolved, so I can score a gift? (evil twin)

  15. There are five boutiques in Nevada, all in the same city, and all on the same street!! Go Vegas!