LV trip today at South Coast Plaza

  1. Today I went to South Coast Plaza to check out the new Damier Trevi purse that came out today and since I was parked closer to Bloomingdales, I went there first. (btw, bloomingdales has this aswesome brown bag sale, 40% off selected items!!!)

    Anyway, I think the Trevi looks really pretty, it kinda wears like the Neo Cabby and the straps felt comfortable on the shoulder. It can also be a handheld which is great. Bloomingdales SA's are really nice and sweet so I spent a good hour in the store just checking out some purses I have been eyeing.

    Next, I went to the LV boutique, it was pretty busy and they also have the Trevi. I tried on the soupcon sunnies and they fit so perfectly! Love the hardware on the sides... I just cannot justify spending so much on sunnies :p... I then started walking around checking out their stuff and I went over to the shelf that held their Epi line and all of a sudden this snotty SA came over and told me "I can get the purse for you if you tell me what you want" then I said ok and set the purse down, then she said "tsk tsk tsk, lets put it back this way".. wtf?! :cursing: I remember her from my previous visits as one of those SA's that I do not like so I just raised my eyebrows at her and said sarcastically, "what's your problem?" and she said she didn't want customers touching the purses on the shelf blah blah and i just turned my back to her and walked away while she was still talking... LOL

    I also saw A LOT of people carrying their LV's, every store I go into, someone is carrying an LV.. Free eye candy :p
  2. I was at the LV Bloomingdales today picking up my anthracite Nimbus GM --- we were probably there at the same time! I love this particular LV. All the SA's are sooooo nice.

    The times I've been to the LV boutique I have had SA's that were extremely inattentive so I don't go there anymore since their service has gone down the tubes. When they do pay attention to you, they aren't very patient and friendly. Yuck.

    Good for you for sticking up to that nasty SA!
  3. Thanks for the info!
    I know the SAs don't like people to go behind the counters and pick things up, but she sounded kind of rude about it. :push:
  4. I was in the area last Sunday, so I stopped to inquire on an adjustable strap for my Damier Sophie. One of the SAs told me that LV does not have adjustable straps for damier that would fit my size. Then I noticed two other SAs looking at me and one finally had the nerve to(snootily) comment that she had never seen it before or heard of it, insinuating that it was fake and proceeded to chuckle with her fellow worker...I asked her if she was new as she clearly did not know her merchandise. I went to LV counter at Bloomingdales and purchased my adjustable strap. The SA there was really nice and was clearly familiar with the Damier Sophie. She was excited to see one up close.

    (Sorry, long post) Hope you have a better encounter next time...
  5. Thanks for sharing & good for you that you stood up to that snoot-snoot!!! My hubby is from LA & I was thinking of checking out some of the boutiques around there when we visit but, I may skip South Coast. Don't understand the rude SA's at all (most I've dealt with are really nice) why would you get a retail job if you're not into customer service? Yecchh!!!:push:
  6. What is the matter with those SAs at the LV boutique at South Coast Plaza? Most of them are so rude and snotty!

  7. Awesome! You're right, we might have been there at the same time :sweatdrop: It was pretty warm at the store don't you think? Don't forget to show us pics of your new anthracite Nimbus GM ;)
  8. I don't know whats wrong with those SA's... I'm not going to allow them to be rude to me, I am a customer after all... Next time I will just go to bloomingdales :smile:
  9. Yes, it was pretty warm at the store and lots of people there, too. Busy, but the SAs were so friendly!

    As for my anthracite Nimbus GM, I posted pics of it as soon as I got home. Let me see if I can get the thread...
  10. I hate that store... I was there in June to pick up my Azur Speedy... the SA didn't even put it in a box... just a sleeper in a bag... I left the store and noticed... went right back and said, "can i please have this boxed? Or are you out of boxes?" The SA (a different one this time) apologized as if someone had a gun to his head and made me feel as if I was asking for his first born. I just go to Neiman's now... All of their (SCP LV) SA's are uber snotty...

  11. Good idea! The only time I would consider going there is if I really needed a pair of sunglasses since they usually carry the eastern bridge in stock. Otherwise, I would just as soon wait for my SA at Bloomingdales to order it for me.

  12. Neiman's LV is fantastic, too. I love going there!

    We all seem to have the same bad experiences at SCP LV boutique. Management there needs to give their SAs a refresher course in customer service or something!
  13. i had this same experience in an lv store with a sophie - disappointing...

  14. Maybe it's time to write a letter to the manager about it.
  15. I don't normally shop at SCP (since I have 5 LV within 5 miles of me) so I don't really have 1st hand experience but I have never read anything good about the SA's at SCP LV.