LV trip in near future: LV Fashionista's I need U

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  1. I am heading down to LV soon and I am so confused as to what my next purchase should be.

    I need your help!

    Should I get the NF pm (I prefer smaller bags so I dont think I would like the mm or gm). If I get the NF should I get mono or azur? If I get mono this will be my 5th mono bag. I have 0 azur and 1 damier.


    Should I get the BH in mono? I love the look of this bag but the NF has always been the one LV I want to get but for some reason I have not gotten it yet.


    Last but not least, should I get the Josephine wallet plus a mono pouchette?

    I know long list but I am so confused lol any help would be much appreciated.

    Wow I am not following my wish list at all .
  2. I really like the damier azur pm! It's so cute!
  3. get the wallet
  4. Azur PM, I have the BH, and while I love it, the neverfull fits better on the shoulder, for me at least- Plus you should get something azur!
  5. azur nf!
  6. Mono NF
  7. Azur nf
  8. azur NF PM! Change up your collection w/ this print. I think you would enjoy it.
  9. It sounds like you've wanted the N/f for a little while so I would get that one - maybe in the azur to add something different to your collection.
  10. azur NF
  11. azur NF!!!
  12. Based on your current collection, I would say to go with the azur neverfull. Good luck!
  13. mono nf
  14. Get the neverfull in azur! I have a feeling that if you don't get it and buy something else, you are still going to want it and end up getting it anyways!
  15. I would get the Azur NF pm, sounds like you have wanted the NF for a while, so I'd go for it! The azur will be such a gorgeous color for the spring/summer! Good luck with your decision!