LV Tribute bag featured in NYLON magazine

  1. This is in the March issue of NYLON magazine and is priced at $38,000.
    LV Tribute in NYLON.jpg
  2. Oh my the price!
  3. this bag looks sooooo frankenstein-ish haha
  4. :wtf: 38K?? ...... OMG!! :wtf:
  5. i'll take two!!! :roflmfao:
  7. omg
  8. :wtf::yucky:
  9. Eek. The price on it is wrong though, that bag is actually $55,000, it was featured in the S/S book at the trunk show I went to.

  10. Even worse!!! Imagine how many more other LV's I can get for that price:wtf:
  11. oh no. just no.
  12. Haha when I think of that, I don't think of how many bags I can get, I think of what kind of CAR I can get!! :push:
  13. OOh, yes. I've always wanted a mini cooper. They're so cute. It can even fit my two carseats in the back.:roflmfao:
  14. "melted together" is right.
  15. no offense to people who like this bag (because we do have our individual taste and preference) but i must say, i am not loving it. and the!