LV Trevi PM or Evora MM/GM?

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  1. Has anyone ever had either of these bags? Which do you prefer and why? Thank you.
  2. I had the Trevi GM and Evora MM. I would go with the Evora. It's lighter, less structured, and easier to get in and out of. It's very comfortable to wear and is stunning. The Trevi is equally as stunning and one of the most gorgeous LV bags (imo ;) ) but the structure and weight of it (at least the GM - the PM is probably lighter) made me sell mine. I don't think you can go wrong either way to be honest. :yes:
  3. I had the Trevi PM but sold it. It was too heavy, structured and the opening was too small.
    Now I have the Evora MM and love it! It's so comfortable to wear. The opening is wide with a smooth zipper. I also appreciate the front zippered pocket for easy access to your phone or keys.
  4. I had a trevi pm and sold it because it was too heavy so I didn't get to use it much. I am actually looking for a evora to replace it.
  5. Good choice :tup:
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  6. I have both and love both - my only 2 DE bags. the evora mm is my casual winter bag and the trevi pm is my eleganter bag for bad weather. get both?
  7. I purchased a preloved Evora MM! Can't wait to get her. Thank you for your input!!

  8. Ooh do share pix when you get her!!
  9. Evora all day!
  10. Good choice! The Trevi is beautiful but heavy whereas the Evora is both easy on the eyes and the shoulder.
  11. Have the Trevi PM and Evora MM; they each are amazing in their own way.

    Congrats on your Evora :smile:
  12. Evora
  13. I had a Trevi PM that I recently sold, I hated how structured it was, and I found it a little small for me. I'm currently looking to replace it with an Evora MM as well!! ️🏼
  14. I had the Trevi PM and sold it because it was too heavy !! I also didn't like the size it was small for my needs ... I also owned the Evora Mm it was very nice and had lots of room ! It's a great bag the only reason I sold it was to replace it with a new bag !i had the Azur and I didn't get to wear it year round .. So I sold it and bought something I would get more use out of but I do kind of miss that one !
  15. Love both for different reasons. Evora mm was in my collection for 3 months in which I used her everyday UNTIL I noticed canvas cracking on the sides where the tabs bend. It cracked on both sides. I was so bummed. I still have my Trevi and love her so. She is so gorgeous. GLD