LV Travel Notebooks

  1. Does anyone have one of these? Is the inside all blank or is it like a travel guide?


    I'm going to Europe in the summer so I'm thinking of getting some kind of notebook to write down memories from the trip. :smile: (& of course in France I will be shopping at LV :biggrin: )
  2. I was wondering the same question! :confused1:
  3. there are handdrawn pictures, I've seen the Beijing one (even tho the pix were pretty horrible imo.....................:push:smile:
  4. they have, as cecilia mentioned, drawn pictures (in the japan one of different areas of tokyo). and they also have spaces where you can paste things or write journal entries.

    imo, i don't think its worth the money, plus the pictures were so-so.
  5. There are water color type pictures, blank pages, some line drawings, it makes a cool note book to write around all of that stuff. especially b/c you can get one for almost every metro city. they really are quite cool. I am on the hunt to collect them all!

    artistic and very french. not very modern, more classic.