LV trapeze question ??

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  1. Hi there firstly can anyone tell me what the retail is for the trapeze bag in the PM and the GM - is there a dramatic difference in the size -- also is this bag out for a limit time only ?? Does anyone know how long it is out for . TIA:biggrin:
  2. i think they're around 1200-1600 some people said that it is available for limited time only.. but my sister said that LV singapore told her that more are comming soon. She is in the waiting list in LV singapore and LV indonesia... you should call LV hotline and ask them about the bags
  3. It is limited but they are still being sold :biggrin: Just saw some @ LV a few days ago. The large is significantly larger than the PM.
  4. Brilliant thankyou - Noriko did you lik ethe trapeze IRL - also did you see all 3 colours they do it in - what do youthink of them ??
  5. Hey Kimmy

    The PM is $1140 and the GM is $1350. IMO there is a pretty big difference in the size, I would say it's like comparing a speedy 25 to a speedy 35. It's part of the cruise line so I'm assuming end of Summer or when it's sold out, whichever comes first.
  6. I've seen it and to be honest wasn't really impressed. I was on the waitlist for the pink but had to pass on it. Just kind of felt cheapy. The gray looking one was my favorite.
  7. Ok, I am bring up this thread since I been thinking about the LV trapeze in pink ever since I saw it on Eluxury a while back... but I saw the response on here that it is not that great, so I am kinda feeling wavy about getting one. Since I haven't seen it in person yet and don't have the time to go see it lately ( not ever sure if they still have it in store, but I am sure I can call LV to check) Does anyone own a trapeze in pink?How do you like? Is it worth buying or I should just save the money for something else instead??? Any opinion?
  8. OK, I'm over in Paris for a few days so I OBVIOUSLY had to take trip down to the amaziiinggg new LV store (its ridiculous, you can get lost in it). It's a bag lovers Disneyland!

    I had gone in to see if they had any Mizi Vienna's left (no, they do not and they never will, by the way, so the lucky ones that have them should hang on to them, or look into selling them to me!).
    Anyway, my boyfriend saw someone looking at pink Trapeze GM in pink and bought it for me! It was the last one! (he's adorable!)
    So, they apparently will not be getting more of them. The SA told me theyre quite limited. Ilove it.
    I also got the pink perforated walled (zipp), the rose denim scarf that matches my new trapeze, a denim scarf to match my neo speedy. I couldnt decide if I should get the onatah in yellow as well.
    I may give in and go tomorrow.

    I'm too happy!
  9. I love mine's! Great size, beautiful spring color, and just marvelous overall. Plus, no need to worry about vachetta because the leather is a beautiful vanilla-texture leather!

    It works as both a casual bag and a formal bag, I wore it with a pink sweater and jeans and I can imagine using it with a nice cream suit or something, really versatile.

    Plus, I'm a sucker for limited edition stuff ;)
  10. LUCKY!!! I hope you're having a blast in Paris and don't forget to update us when you get back!

    Bummer about the Mizi Vienna's, ah well, that was just a dream for me anyways :sad:

    And congrats on all the LV goodies you've gotten so far!
  11. Thanks!

    But sadly something terrible happened today. I'm posting a picture of the state my bag came out of my suitcase. It was with a bottle of hairspray (whitch is now empty and all on the bag). There m,ust be a way I cn have this fixed right? I didnt even get to carry it! :sad:

    Ok, may I just admit that I cried a little. Just a little. But I did.

    Oh, did I add it got the shawl to match it? yummy!

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  12. Oh and here is a pic of my new trapeze and my new perforated zip wallet!

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  13. Aww, I would be so sad and crying as well (and probably my husband too)! I hope someone here can give you advice on how to fix it!
  14. :amazed: :amazed: :amazed: OMG! I'm SOOO sorry, I've heard of using hairspray to get ink out of the coated canvas but I have no idea what you can use to get hairspray off the leather. Ahh, call LV and see if there's anything they recommend, if they don't have any suggestions then maybe see if a leather store have something to use on it?

    Is it on the canvas too or just the leather? I would've cried too!!

    At least you got the shawl though!
  15. LondonBrat just saw what happened to your bag all those months ago... did you ever get the hair spray mark OFF ???