LV Tragedy!

Dec 6, 2005
Get this, a co-worker's husband bought her the Alma Voyage (gorgeous!) just yesterday. Last night she left it by the nightstand in the shopping bag. During the course of the night, while trying to put his glass back on the nightstand, the glass falls into the bag. And what's in the glass, of all things, grape juice. Unbelievable, I just saw it and the handles and bottom are all stained. She took it back to LV with the reciept and was told they could do nothing for her. The only advice the SAs and manager could give was that it would "likely" fade over time.
oh the misery....can she take it to a leather shop, furrier, anyone who specializes in cleaning luxury goods.

There has to be something that can be done.

After my husband killed two sidekicks on his nightstand, with the water glass, anything of value is not allowed on his nightstand.
:amazed: My jaw literally dropped!

That's HORRIBLE. Aww I would be so upset if I was her. Suggest to your coworker the magic eraser product, I heard that thing works wonders for dirt but I don't know about grape juice. Good luck!
That's awful....even more awful that LV couldn't do anything for her (I suppose it's too much to think that they would be accommodating, right?).
That is sad to hear. However I am not sure why she took the bag back with the reciept, did she think she could return it? Why did the SA not suggest getting new handles put on it. They can take the damaged ones off and replace them with new ones, and also get a new bottom. The canvas didnt stain did it? If I were here I would tell my husband to get his you know what to LV and get me a new one.
What a horrible story! I cringed as I read it. >.< The Alma Voyage is such an elegant bag/luggage piece...:sad:

Madeline's suggestion sounds good, tell your friend to give it a try. If that doesn't work, this might...

[FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]A few months ago, I made the error of placing my beloved LV Popincourt bag next to my mesh laundry bag while I was going to the dry cleaners. On the short trip, the laundry bag repeatedly rubbed its cheap navy-colored mesh against my Popincourt and promptly transferred its color deep into the formerly beautiful, virgin flesh-colored grain of my Popincourt's rolled leather handles.


The vachetta leather was seemingly permanently tattoed with blue. I spent the weekend privately fuming about the whole matter (I wouldn't whine to my fiance George more than twice, because it would alienate him, although the "bending a perfect book's spine" analogy seemed to make sense as he loves collecting perfect books), and trying to figure out what to do to clean off the stains.

So I thought -- it's a superficial mark for the most part, so just cut it out! :smile: I used an 18G needle's sharp edges to carefully scrape off all of the stains and used the flat edge to polish the patina back to an almost normal color. Now instead of ugly blue-black stains, the affected areas are just a bit lighter than the surrounding leather. You can't even tell. (BTW, an 18G needle is a really huge, thick needle used to draw blood.)

I don't know if this will help with grape juice (seems like it would "soak" into the vachetta), but if all else fails, this might work. Try a test spot first.
Oh no, the alma voyage is such a lovely bag as well !!

You may also want to suggest to your co-worker to try using a Mr. Clean magic eraser, it may be able to get the stains out - I've seen a lot of girls on other boards use this on dirty bags before reselling them and it really works wonders ! And yes, it will work on leather !