LV tomorrow!! Which keyholder...?

  1. Hi everyone!!
    I'm going to my local Louis Vuitton boutique tomorrow and I'm going for a keyholder :yahoo:

    The only problem is I can't decide which one I want! I had my mind set on a multi colour one... but now I'm thinking a monogram one... or vernis!!
    Which ones do you have and how much do you love them??

    Thanks :heart:
  2. If you have your heart set on MC, that's a beauty! But def take a look at the new vernis color, violette if they have it in stock. I don't have a keyholder simply because I have TONS of keys, but I know a lot of users here love them. I think the MC and the Mono are a bit more flexible than the vernis. Post up when you decide.
  3. I don't have one yet but would love to get a black MC, so I vote for MC.
  4. Vernis!
  5. Vote for MC ;)
  6. I have a Vernis Armarante key holder I love it.
  7. go and look at the new color... u might liek them.:tup:
  8. Violette is pretty. I have a 4-key holder in amarante vernis and love it. So yummy.
  9. Definitely MC! I recently got a key holder in black MC and I absolutely LVOE it! :love: