LV Toiletry bag...

  1. We are going on a trip in a few weeks and I'm looking for something to keep my shampoo,cleansers,cottons,etc. I was looking at the Poche Toilette 26 and wondering if yall have any suggestions or experiences with the LV toiletry bags.
  2. I don't yet have one of these but have been thinking about getting one. anyone with pics? would like to see how much stuff can fit.
  3. i use the 26... it is amazing! i lovee it
  4. I use all sizes and they are fantastic!! I could post pics tomorrow of the insides and how much you can fit in if you would like?

  5. I would love addtl pics, I would like something to hold my hair products (shampoo, spray, etc)
  6. If you dont mind damier canvas, there is a cometic case called the vaslav cosmetic case. I have one and it hold a ton! it is great at holding big bottles too.
  7. I love the louis vuitton toiletry cases.
  8. get the new damier or mono trousse on elux for $410.00 I saw it today, its AWESOME!
  9. I have the Poche Toilette 26 and it's a tried and true travel favorite because it holds everything I carry and it's not bulky when packed in my suitcase. :tup:
  10. I wish I could get one in MC.
  11. I think Twiggers just got a cosmetic case. I remember seeing pics recently and it was really cute!
  12. is it something you need quickly because there are 2 new one's coming out this year

  13. here it is:

  14. Hi everyone, I ended up getting the 26 yesterday. The reason I chose it is because it will fit flat into my suitcase. I will post pics as soon as I can get my camera back from DH. While I was there the SA pulled out the Inclusion bracelet in Amarante and I ended up getting that as well. I think I was more excited about the bracelet,lol. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

  15. Wow nice you have a nice collection.I just thought about looking into getting one.

    rbeccatexas make sure to post pics of how much it can hold once you do purchase one.