LV today didn't expect to buy anything...

  1. I went to Louis Vuitton today for a 'browse,' little did I know I was going to take home this little baby! :yahoo:

    I actually only wanted to see how the Sunset Boulevard looks in person and I did get to see looked gorgeous....but I wanted to hold out just incase the silver Miroir Lockit came in for me (they are still being released one at a time slowly here!!).

    So I said 'nah' to me SA then my DH said 'get it' and then I said 'nah,' 'get it,' 'nah,' 'get it,' 'nah,' 'get it,' then I gave up and said 'ok then!' :p

    So here it is!!!

    Bag1.jpg bag2.jpg bag.jpg bagb.jpg
  2. I am glad you gave in! It looks amazing.
  3. Congrats!
    I love it,
    I want it in pearl!
  4. Gorgeous!! I love this color!
  5. I love the Sunset Boulevard in amarante, but I really wish that it came in pomme -- it would be so gorgeous! Congrats on your Sunset!
  6. Very pretty! I love it :nuts:
  7. Sooooo pretty! Congrats!
  8. very nice..congrats!
  9. OMG Sooooo gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. beautiful...
  11. Congrats!
  12. Aww thanks everyone!! Yeah I do love the pomme colour too but I am not so keen on any of the bag styles that they are available in.

    The sunset boulevard is by most my favourite style out of the vernis range. And I love the way this bag is not too loud and yet has gentle hues of purple/red in it.

    OOOO I love..! :heart:
  13. It looks great on you, you're so adorable!
  14. YAY!!!!!!!!! :wlae:
    Congrats brenda on getting the sunset, I'm so happy for you! :yahoo:.....even if you did go to LV without me :crybaby:;)

    Looks gorgeous on you btw! :heart:
  15. congrats! nice pix! :biggrin: