Lv to balenciaga or mulberry ?

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  1. Hello sweetie pies ~ my purse addiction has commenced and I might end up doing something irreversible ! Okay so this is what I plan, can u guys give me your opinion please ?

    Sell my Saumur 35 and Alexander wallet to yoogis ,

    Then buy :
    1) monogram zippy , and save up for balenciaga work, or
    2). Monogram zippy , and save up for mulberry bayswater

    My Alexander wallet is in multicolour, which as been discontinued by lv. If I sell it I can never get it back anymore. But I was bitten by the beauty of monogram zippy. I am not a person who loves collecting wallet. Unless the sizing is too big of a difference to serve a different purposes. so keeping both is not an option for me.

    If it helps, this is my entire collection :
    Mono speedy 30
    All vachetta speedy 30
    Roses pochette
    Yellow epi petit noe
    Coach ski bunny
    Samantha thavasa Winnie the pooh (friggin cute)

    : Also I am not looking to sell to anyone here, coz I am selling it to yoogis :biggrin:

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  2. nice collection! i would suggest the second choice but i am biased as i am not a fan of balenciaga bags and i also have a bays in my wishlist. i think that if it is possible you should try both to see what's the best for you. They say that Bayswater is heavy so i don't know if that's an issue for you..I love my alexandra wallet, but i prefer wallets in monogram so even if it is a discontinued piece i suggest to sell it and get the zippy mono. Zippy is so popular so there must be a reason for it, i don't think you'll regret it. (not a fan of MC line either.) good luck!:smile:
  3. Thanks Erica :smile: thank you for the reply. I also think the monogram looks very classy in the zippy.

    I tried the bayswater yesterday. In black smooth leather, at that time I do not feel the weight actually, I love how ladylike this bag look. Also it stands a little bit, gives a little bit of structure compared to the balenciaga but balenciaga has the zipper. I think I love the bayswater more !
  4. yes, i know! these are the reasons i want a black bays myself..:smile:
  5. I would say Mulberry too :biggrin: Personally not fond of B, some friends and my mom have had quality problems with them. I know all companies do, but I think B had more problems than Mulberry for them. Bays age really well and beautifully, shame I had to let mine go as the leather was just so gorgeous.
  6. i'm gonna vote for balenciaga as i'm not a mulberry fan...
    i used to be a balenciaga fan, love their laidback style & beautiful colors, but didnt like how they dont hold up well :sad: the leather was just too fragile, even when i rotate them, the leather is dry and have scuffs... tried lovingmybags on my bbags and it created this film on top and after a lil while the film peeled off like dry skin :cry:

    Good luck choosing!

    Zippy wallet is awesome indeed!

    let us know what you decide :smile:
  7. Balenciaga .. I don't know what's so
    special about mulberry ?! Nothing for me!
  8. Hi mrskwok!

    Why not another LV? ;)

    Bal colors are so pretty and their leather seems great but.... The style is not timeless to me. Like, would I carry my Trevi or speedy 10 years from now? Yes!

    Would I have the same taste for a Bal city bag with tassels 10 years from now? Prob not.
    Just my opinion.
  9. Wow, this is totally opposite as what I expect. I went to the mulberry forum thinking of setting my heart on the bays, but I read that people having issues with them, and how thir bags are made in china now. I really want to have a bag that looks gorgeous even when it started to age
  10. I am exhilarated as I am going to understand the hype of the zippy soon :biggrin:
    I love their beautiful colours as well, and I will be using it like a everyday bag when I travel overseas. As I every year will fly back to my home country and stay for 2 months, I will bring this bag as a carry-on luggage and continue to use it every day for 2 months. from the durability u said, maybe, this is not that suitable at all :sad:
  11. Mulberry has this soft, sophisticate, yet understate look to it. Wearing it with the correct color matching will create an outfit full of characteristic. Like this. Lol!

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  12. I'm biased cos Balenciaga is my new addiction! :biggrin: but it depends on how many Bbags you already own. If you already have a few, then adding baywater to your collection is a nice idea.
  13. I was thinking about speedy b 30/35 in ebene. But then boyfriend would prefer me to buy other brands because I already have a few lvs in my collection, and 2 of them are speedy. Also, I actually have no idea which lv to get. Love neverfull but I don't think I want to use it on flight, Galliera too open to stuff on the overhead luggage, hate delightful, artsy open top, sully style looks okay but no wow factor. Speedy idylle looks too fragile to me as carry-on. Budget hopefully will be under 1,500 . I thought of the big noe as well but it's squarish shape seems challenging to squeeze around crowded Asian place. Lol!

    Also I was toying the idea getting the epi alma in orange color. But it is just not practical for my lifestyle because I might need to travel quite a bit in the future, and bag that can be flattened will be the best lasting choice . So I think lv doesn't offer me the bag I am after~
  14. Wow I cant believe that I missed out listing my 2 other bags. Lol !

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  15. Hi yikkie , I do not have any bbags and mulberry, hence this is tough for me.

    Lol although I am allowed to borrow my sister's bbags when I am back home :biggrin: I love regular hardware work, and my sister do not have it, she has rh black city, and gghw for her work ( I think) . I do not feel in love with them at all. But when I was trying out rh work at the boutique, I love them.

    How do u find the bag's durability ? And weight ?