LV ties!

  1. Hellom I like the damier one best !. :smile:
  2. The Damier looks excellent in person, esp. in the medium blue.

    Wow eluxury really dropped the ball on their tie pictures, the colors look horrible. They're so much better at the store and less saturated. :drool:
  3. aww that's a hard call for me...i like them both! I guess the damier tie...My husband has a lot of LV ties and most of them look like the first tie...I will ask his opinion when he gets home from work
  4. Another vote for the Damier!
  5. ..And yet another vote for damier!
  6. I like the Damier tie as well... I hope to buy a few LV ties this year... :nuts:
  7. a vote for the damier one!
    love the blue color!
  8. I like the damier better.
  9. The blue Damier! I was going to get one for my Bf, but decided to get a wallet instead. I love the color!
  10. My dad likes the damier ones, but I like the monogram ties lol. I guess it depends on your age and the situation... younger and casual-->monogram/older and formal-->damier
  11. I like the Damier one out of the two you posted, but my absolute favourite(s) is/are the mix monogram ties...the blue one as well as the black one. I may get one for my bf for Valentine's, depending on my progress of saving for my trip.
  12. out of the 2 the damier but I'm with Karmen my favourite is mixed mono my BF has it and it is hot here is a pic but it looks 100% better irl
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Mix Monogram Tie#