LV Tie Clip?!?!

  1. Hope you guys and girls can help me out...Does LV make Tie Clips? I would love to get one for my bf as a Valentine's Day Gift. :heart: If they don't have it.... which brand name has it then?

    Thanks for all of your help! :love:
  2. I have seen a picture of someone on the forum with a palladium tie clip... may have been deluxeduck but I'm not too sure...
  3. Hopefully someone can find one...I don't know if LV makes them though.
    My mom and I were trying to look for a special tie tac (not the bar style) for my dad for Christmas and people looked at us with this blank stare like they had no idea what it was. They said it was because men don't wear ties much anymore. Um yeah they do.
  4. ^ as far as i know LV only made just this one style tie clip and it was part of the Men's F/W 2004 Runway collection. definitely try Dunhill, Paul Smith or T&Co. i think Gucci and Hermes does them too.
  5. Thanks for everyone's help... :smile:... I guess i'll try calling LV next week since I will be busy working all this week.... but since it only produced in 2004... I doubt they'll have it anymore.... I guess I will have to "betray" Mr. Louis :p