LV thread back to normal?

  1. I'm aware everything is being changed right now but I'm wondering how long it'll be until everything is back where it was? The two stickied thread which were moved to the clubhouse have had very low activity and another stickied thread was un-stickied and I'm not sure where that one is now.

    I appreciate the people tidying it up though.
  2. ?
    threads being moved or stickied/unstickied have nothing to do w/ the technical issues we had:nogood:
    You may want to PM an LV Mod.
  3. Not sure which threads you mean either...
  4. I mean the main stickied threads (Whats in your LV bag) and (Your LV in action) have been moved and virtually no activity has happened since they were moved to another part of the LV forum.
  5. I like to have those two threads in the general LV section. I moved em back.
  6. oh, thanks! :smile: