Lv therapy

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  1. So I had a horrible day at work yesterday so I decided to drive the 1.5 hrs to LV just "look" around and something followed me home, anyone around for retail therapy reveal?
  2. Here!
  3. Here!!
    Sorry you had a rough day. We all have on of those...
  4. Me!!! I'm a firm believer in retail therapy. :smile:
  5. :tup: retail therapy always works...
  6. Here we go:

  7. Here!
    Btw I had a horrible day also :sad:
  8. Looks like a speedy box! DE?
  9. Aww you need therapy too, and IRS not a speedy
  10. Oops ignore the IRS typo iPhones can be annoying lol

  11. image-548532980.jpg

    Any guess now? And btw I'm still learning how to upload pics
  12. love retail therapy!!

    hope you feel much better now! :biggrin:
  13. When I type the word "leuk" (Dutch for "nice"- which means I use it a lot), my English keyboard always changes it to leukemia. Not nice. People get so confused.
  14. Mono...toiletry? Neverfull? I have no idea!
  15. Im anxious to see what you bought