LV Themed Party...see pic of the sample cake!

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What would be a good style as a cake?

  1. White Multicolor

  2. Monogram Poppincourt

  3. Damier Speedy

  4. White Watercolor Speedy

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi everyone!

    A few weeks back I posted this cake that my dear co-workers gave me for my that i thought was a fake LV bag!

    Now my lovely cousin is coming to visit me in September and since she is an LV fanatic as well (and she gave me 3 LV goodies for my own birthday!)...I thought it would be a great idea to throw her an LV-themed party!

    So I'm starting with the cake since it takes at least a month to order. I just don't know what style of LV bag I want copied...

    What do you think would be a great cake design? Something that would look as close to the real thing? Help me decide? TIA!

    a) another white MC bag (bec colors would pop out)
    b) a monogram poppincourt (her first LV)
    c) a damier speedy (in her wishlist)
    d) a white Watercolor speedy (just to give the baker the challenge of her life!)

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  2. I would love to see the WC speedy as a cake, but I am going to have to vote for the damier speedy since it is on her wishlist.
  3. damier speedy since it's on her wish list...that would be cute!!
  4. thanks! i am also thinking of giving her an LV brown WC belt to match her speedy. Hope she likes it...:yahoo: yikes less than a month to plan!
  5. Damier or Black MC! Those would be really cute!!
  6. I think getting her first LV as a cake would be so cute, and a little sentimental!
  7. You are so thoughtful! Aw, I wish I had a sister as generous as you!

    I think you should make her a Damier Speedy since it is on her wishlist! The WC Speedy is a challenge; be kind to the baker LOL!
    The MC Speedy makes you seem unoriginal since you had one yourself.
  8. Something MC as the colors looks so fun and bold on a cake.
  9. MC cake would be pretty cute.
  10. I vote for the damier speedy too since it is on her wish list.
  11. WC speedy gets my vote
  12. I vote for Damier Speedy since it's on her wish list.
  13. I'd say Damier
  14. I think the damier speedy would be cool, because the interior is that gorgeous red, and you could do a red velvet cake!! Yummy!:woohoo:
  15. damier