LV THEDA in Monogram Canvas, where can i get it?


Dec 10, 2005
Im so in love with the LV THEDA in monogram Canvas since it came out. But now I really think I could afford to buy one soon. The problem is, I havent seen this bag in
Any advice where I can get it from? Do u think I can order from LV Boutique?
If a local Louis Vuitton boutique doesn't have it in stock, just call the 1-866-vuitton number and they can ship it out to you !
Good luck - are you getting the GM or PM - I saw them in store and the pm is just way too tiny , I prefer the GM and I prefer the monogram to the mc aswell ... let us know how it goes :smile:
I actually prefer the GM, in MONOGRAM CANVAS.
Theres a few in ebay. But i never buy something in EBAY espcly Handbag.. Im scared. I will contact LV, see what they gonna say.