LV the Fragrance - What if?

  1. It's pouring here in NYC and I'm a bit bored. I was web surfing and saw that Hermes is unveiling a new fragrance called Kelly Caleche. It's pink-y, leather-y kind of thing. A fragrance is the one thing LV hasn't done yet, but with costume jewelry, can it be far behind?

    If you could describe it, would it be:

    A unisex?
    Fruity floral?
    Other basenotes?

    Who knows, maybe we can design our own...
  2. If they brought one out I would die...I would hate for this to happen. It just doesnt seem like louis Vuitton to me
  3. If they produced one - I bet it would stink. I don't know why I think that...but, yeah.

    I probably wouldn't buy it :smile:
  4. I personally don't like Marc Jacobs' scent. But I do love some of his limited editions, such as Rain, Cotton, and Cucumber. It's possible he could do something interesting here.
  5. Is Marc Jacob's the creative directory any more? From what I understand, this past spring and summer collection was directed by someone else. I don't know if he permanently stepped down or if it was just temporary.

    But I agree with Socialite. A fragrance just doesn't seem like something LV would do. Just because Hermes, Gucci, Chanel among others have released fragrances doesn't mean LV will. To me, it just doesn't seem like LV has been one to conform with the releases of its competitors.
  6. there was a fake LV fragrance made some time ago I saw it on eBay :throwup:

    LV is a fashion house and I just cant see them doing a fragrance. Also because it doesnt have sales etc. its not the type of company that would do this.

    When Prada made a phone...I could have died. Its not that the phone isnt nice, its just that I see Prada as one of the most exclusive brands along with Hermes, LV, Gucci etc. and the phone Idea didnt do anything for me. Technology moves very quickly going cheaper...Bags dont.
    This is similar to fragrances, something new is allways coming out and I would hate for LV to become something that everyone was spraying allover me, this shouts Less exclusive.
  7. I have acctually been thinking about this ,this weekend!
    I don't know i agree it would be a little weird...i don't think i would buy it the only scent i think of to do with Lv is leather.
  8. I would LoVe it if they would come out with one specially if it smelled like leather and came in a special mono package, but that would make it costly like all LV :push:
  9. Hmmmm I have no idea what it would smell like! But yeah, everyone is doing a fragrance now! It seems like so many companies are branching out to entirely new and random things! Like I heard that Tiffany & Co. is making.... handbags!? I personally don't think I'd buy one. They've changed so much over the last decade. :shrugs:
  10. I'm not sure if I agree with you on that because if you remember, Dolce & Gabbana also released a gold Razr and I think LV produced cases for Nextel phones. I don't think these boutique brands are exclusive as much as they're just expensive. As long as the prices remain a staple in the brand, it will retain its name.

    I also don't agree with LV being just a fashion house because you kind of sell it short. I think venturing into different areas give LV the name it has. For example, the joining with the America's Cup to create the Louis Vuitton Cup. Also remember, before Marc Jacobs because creative director, LV was strictly leather goods. Only after Jacobs joined in 1997 did LV produce its first ever ready to wear collection. These are just two examples of when LV has ventured into foreign territory to expand its brand and promote its name.
  11. The Dolce and Gabbana phone was nice when it first came out but then Dolce and Gabbana decided to release a cheaper version and you cant really see the difference with the two, I saw 10 year old girls carrying these and it just took the feel away of buying something which was exclusive to you.

    LV Produced Icons books for £12 = approx $20 and think thats rather cheap so maybe a fragrance would be cheap, Hermes fragrances are not badly priced and most people could probably afford them, this would happen to LV.
    You are right, Louis Vuitton has ventured into new areas but to me LV is still a fashion house in Paris. But a Fragrance is something completely different, if it was only sold in LV stores which are few per country then it would hardly make a profit if they produced lots of it. So it would more likely be sold at Fragrace counters in high end places...but wouldnt this take the exclusivity away ??..It would for me. :flowers:
  12. If they were to do so - and I agree with you that they should not - perhaps they should produce a limited amount, but overprice it. Another more cost-effective possibility is make it a ready to order like a trunk.
  13. yeah ITA, made to order would be great and maybe even a waitlist for something like this. If it was a one off for a season then this would be more effective. But I wont be buying it lol :flowers:
  14. Leave fragrances, china and household items to the junk shop that is H.
  15. Well, LV has also made toilet paper, which is pretty household. Tiffany also makes lots of china and household items. I think the moral of the story here is let the companies do what they want - you can just buy what you want.