LV: The Birth of Modern Luxury..still avail.?

  1. Louis Vuitton: The Birth of Modern Luxury this book still available?? I did a search and read the threads on this topic from back in Jan.-Feb. '06.

    Anyone know if they're still available to order from somewhere??? And if so..where??? and how much?? anyone..........THANKS!!;)
  2. I ordred, was waitlisted for two months and then asked for a refund. I don't know if more is coming in but if it is, I will just wait for it then get it.
  3. I just ordered it from

    Shipping estimate for these items: May 30 2006 - Jul 17 2006
    Delivery estimate: Jun 2 2006 - Jul 24 2006

    CDN$ 123.59 (includes taxes)

    The amount I paid for it is way less than what eBay sellers are asking for it. Hopefully it does come in as promised. *fingers crossed*
  4. I ordered this from a website here in the UK in December and they still haven't been able to locate supplies of the book. In March I walked into the local Borders bookstore here and it was just sitting on the top shelf in the fashion section! I think that some of the LV stores were carrying the book (?) so it could be worth trying there.
  5. I ordered this awhile back and was waitlisted like forever. Gave up and cancelled my order. Some LV stores might still have the book.
  6. I bought one at Neiman Marcus in Plano, TX last month and my Dallas LV @ the Dallas Galleria had a stack of them last time I was there.
    If your local NM or LV doesn't have one, call the ones I mentioned.
  7. Thanks again everyone for your help!!:biggrin:

    Well...UNfortunately dh says I'm done for pretty much the rest of the year.:cry: I told him about the book and he thought it sounded really cool and would be nice to have. Just not right now.

    Who knows?? We might be lucky to find it one day in the bookstore also. You never know...Like you was just sitting there. So next time I'm out at the bookstore you know what I'll go browse around for. Heehee!!:biggrin: At that point how can dh say no?!? :P
  8. Thx Swanky!! Hmm...maybe when my dh's in a good mood...I might try again. LOL!! btw, How much did you pay for it at Neiman Marcus?
  9. I purchased one a week ago at my local LV.They had one more left in stock at that time.It retails for $125.00 if you're interested you can call the following # (804)320-7920 and ask to speak to Robyn,she is the assistant manager and a sweetheart in general.
    Hope you can convince hubby its' a must have book ;) .
  10. $125? Hmmm....LOL I hope I can convince him too!! LOL!!! If not...there's always Xmas. heehee....ho ho ho..Thx for the ph. #, etc. Hope to use it.:oh:
  11. I ended up getting one off Ebay using Buy it Now. Emailed Amazon but they said could no longer get it.
    Have had it on order with Borders here in Aus since Feb and eventually gave up.
  12. WOO HOOOOOOO!:biggrin: Thx Cat for posting the price!! I mentioned it to dh and he was like..."hmm....let me call and see if I can find it...give me the title, etc."

    Neway...he called the LV we go to which is about 45 mins. away(Southcoast Plaza-Costa Mesa, CA). They were able to locate one for me from the Rodeo Dr. store in Beverly Hills. So I should have it a few days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: OMG I can't wait to ck. it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. i ordered it from amazon in january, and its still not here..they just keep pushing back the delivery date