LV, the beginning or the end???

  1. I don't know about anyone else, but LV was the beginning for me!!! I started with LV in college, and it was the beginning of a revolution lol....I mean you can't have a beautiful bag and not care about having other nice things, not to sound materialistic, b/c I'm not, I'm talking a quality over quantity thing, I'd rather have a few nice things that a ton of junk, but as you get older and can afford more.....So I just like all my things nice and if I can't afford the nicer version of anything I wait until I can, cars, clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances....I mean they don't have to be the abosolute top of the line/most expensive, but good solid quality stuff, not junk, ANYWAY, I thank LV for all of this! LOL, they were the start of what made me want nice things in life! How about you?
  2. LV is a beginning for me. Before I started buying LV, I used to look at Gucci and Burberry websites and wonder what I would buy first... But now that I started with LV, I don't wanna buy any other brand because I feel like I'm betraying LV. :sad:
  3. LV is the beginning for me.. a few years ago, i couldnt care less about handbags.. i didn't 'understand' (lol!) and now, i'm browsing this forum everyday!!! i did make a few prchases at Gucci, but right now I'm only interested in LV.. haven't really forayed into the other lines yet....
  4. That is kid of what I feel too although I love Dior vintage pieces (they weren't vintage when I bought them :wtf: ). I like Gucci and Prada as well but the fact that they go on sale always makes me wonder if I should wait to get them only to find out that the one I am loooking for is not available at the stores. :shrugs:
  5. Yes, quality over quantity! I saved a bit longer so I could get nicer kitchen appliances. The wait was worth it. I realized that replacing cheap junk every few years is actually MORE expensive that buying a few expensive things that are made to last. Some things are not about status at all but quality!
  6. For me, LV was the beginning of a life-long love affair and the end to having extra money!
  7. Yeah... I forgot to include that. LV NEVER goes on sale which is one thing I love. :wlae:
  8. ITA!
  9. Exactly! some of my friends just don't get it, I mean I have a nice, reasonably sized home for two people, it doesn't call for a sub zero and viking appliances (though I love them) but some people thought I was crazy for buying an expensive bosch dishwasher and the front load washer drier when they first came out (little do they realize I have bags that cost similar $$) but when they have to rinse their dishes off before they run the dishwasher I'm cracking up b/c I don't have to do that!
  10. Me too! I won't buy anything else @ full price, well, maybe one of the classic style chanel bags, but even then you never know....a color could get discontinued and go on sale.......
  11. I have the feeling that LV is just the beginning. To continue the household appliances metaphor, I've always enjoyed nice things, but before LV I never would have considered spending as much on a beautiful handbag as I did on my refrigerator.'s entirely different!

    I have also fallen in love with the Fendi Spy, but still can't quite justify the cost.
  12. LV was the first designer bag I got also!

    and I have moved along I think and would like to move further :smile:
  13. My first handbag addiction was Coach...which I was perfectly fine with until I ran out of available items that I liked. So my husband did the worst thing imaginable and bought me an LV! (he still complains to this day that he should have never done it :roflmfao: ) And now of course I am in love with the brand. :love: My taste in other things have gone up as well. Although I am still rockin the flip flops. It is true that paying more money upfront will save money in the end. Quality items hold up longer.
  14. Oh, flip flops are wonderful, I would live in them if it didn't get cold were I live in the winter!
  15. LV is def just the beginning for me...even though I'm a poor college student, It makes me feel good to invest in high quality items (ones that I can keep for ages and pass on to my future daughter)...i.e. LV handbags...hehe. Why not indulge in the finer things in life every once in awhile!? I agree with you Lola24 =)
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