LV Thade

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone have a picture of what an LV Thade bag looks like? I am not up on LV and have someone offering to trade one of my Cartier bags for an LV Thade. Any help would be great!


    Vicki ;)
  2. You mean the Theda?
    Here is what the monogram one looks like, the pic is from eBay, it has also come in a few other lines as well (multicolore, Strass crystals, suede, etc.) and comes in 2 sizes, PM and GM (which is larger).
  3. I'd think it would be Theda too
    Here's mine Multicolour GM (big size) the Pm is pretty small
  4. Theda... Sounds right. Told ya I was clueless about LV. Do you know how much they should cost? I know you both said there are 2 sizes. I'm thinking the person who has the one I may be getting is the small one, but I'm not sure.
  5. Here are the retail prices I have:

    Monogram Canvas Canvas Theda PM- $1,920 USD
    Monogram Multicolore Canvas Theda PM- $2,140 USD

    Monogram Canvas Theda GM- $2,300 USD
    Monogram Multicolore Canvas Theda GM- $2,600 USD

    Theda Strass' that came in Turquoise, Aubegeine, and Beige- $6,550 USD
  6. wow these bags were expensive! I love the shape, this bag is so girly and elegant. I love the patina on both bags.
  7. Thanks for all the info, everyone! I really appreciate it! :smile: