LV teddies being re-release for fall

  1. Hi Pfer's, just to pass on the info! Teddy pins will be coming out again for winter. I only saw brown and red LV print. Not sure about the damier. GOOD LVCK to those that wanted mine!:love: Now they are back!
  2. Any idea on how much they will be?
  3. how cute, can't wait to see some pics! :smile:
  4. are these the normal size? because i've seen what seems like smaller kiddie sizes on the look book. i want more.... :nuts:
  5. I guess I'm kind of out of it...:shame: ...what do these look like? Even a picture of the older ones would help me! Thanks!!
  6. they will be $125.00 each. they wont be sold as a set anymore, only individually. Only the red and brown monograms will be available. they will go on sale starting mid- july!
  7. Does anyone have a pic? They sound adorable!
  8. Exciting! Thanks for the info.
  9. those are really cute!
  10. OMG! def I will go for one!
  11. I'm interested. Does anyone have a picture?
  12. Oh...and just to add to this post, the Snowman charms that were discussed a while back are made of 3-d Metal, they're kinda like Medium sized Charms...I didn't really like what I saw, I was expecting it made out of the Flat Vachetta...
  13. oh please post some pictures. I want one too...
  14. can you post pics of yours please....pretty please:tender: :tender:
  15. Oooh, exciting !