LV Tattoo anyone?

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2010
    DO you have a tattoo? What is it and where.. Check this out:

    Meanings of locations and girl with an LV Tattoo (would you get one?)

    xxxxxx stop linking to your blog.

    imo, i have tattooes but wouldnt get an LV hahaha.. i think that would be too much.. not unless LV sponsors me a lifetime supply of bags, trunks, shoes and acces'ries! :smile:
  2. no way would i get a tattoo like that but i do have two tattoos!
  3. I would never get an LV tattoo, tacky! :Push:
  4. :smile: agree...tacky!
  5. I would never ever get a LV tattoo!!! They don't need any more cheap advertising from me! Besides, it would clash with my Tiffany tattoo.
  6. Never. Very tacky.
  7. Gross
  8. I could see getting a symbol related to LV, such as a cherry or cherry blossom, but to get just the LV? No thanks.
  9. I think at my age........a tatoo would be ridiculous!!!!!!
  10. yuck
  11. not classy and not the louis vuitton image in any way. imagine what that's gonna look like when she's 60 or 70. tattoos in general are just not my thing.
  12. I have a tatoo. I actually wish I didn't. I def. would not get a LV tatoo.
  13. so tacky!!
  14. I have a lot of tattoos and I would definitely never get an LV tattoo, unless I owned the company or my initials were LV.
  15. I prefer my LV's on my purse. (And my clutch. And my, you know, wallet.)
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