LV "tanning"

  1. do any of you ladies do this? i left a keepall by a window and just a part of it got slightly "tanned"! heee now i'm wondering if there are effective tanning/darkening methods for the leather? :biggrin: :biggrin: i feel so silly!
  2. like in the previous thread, i use extra virgin olive oil. massage minute amounts on the leather and morning-sun it for an hour. remembering to turn it around after a few minutes so it's all even.
  3. yes I did it with a vip speedy vachetta keychain, a friend of mine did it for her monogram speedy. Now it's a bit darker but it will get less dirt.
  4. Yup, I "tan" my LV, especially the new Mono pieces right from LV.
  5. This fascinates me. I personally prefer the look of a brand-new bag. Not that I dislike the way my Speedy looks now...just like the new look better. So I find it interesting that some people deliberately speed the process up!
  6. I like tanning mine, I love the honey colour and it sort've makes the dirt on my Speedy less obvious.
    I don't like the brand new bag colour because it's so delicate and I'm scared to touch it incase I dirty it. And plus people give me funny looks like I'm carrying a fake :sad:..but it's all good now :smile:
  7. I thought my sister and I were the only ones who did this to our LV's.
    We put sun tanning lotion on the straps and lay them out in the sun. He-He
  8. ^^ how funny! i love the look whatever the color! heee I just like hiding teh schmutz more! heeee
  9. I actually prefer a light-medium honey to that pale color that comes with new vachetta as well.
    I tanned my Petit Noe when I first got it. Now I just let my bags age naturally.
  10. I just use it regularly and it's tanning faster than I thought it would.
  11. I tan my bags. I tanned my cabas piano for a month before I would use it. I love the wonderful honey color--it makes the bags look so much more classic somehow.
  12. I am getting my cabas piano next week. How did you go about tanning it?
  13. I tan my bags =D..I leave them by the window,and I let the vachetta part tan...(I cover the non vachetta part with a towel..
  14. I treated it with Appleguarde conditioner, which made it just a little darker. Since then, I've been putting it in the sun a little at a time.

    I think that you'll love your cabas piano!
  15. haha. this is such a cute thread. never knew that bags could go tanning too. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: