LV taking reservations for black empreinte bags

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  1. Just reserved for my Lumi PM in Black Empreinte!

    Have some intel to share, since I know this is going to be really popular:

    Not sure if everyone can reserve, or if it depends on the SA.

    The SA that helped me said that it will be a limited quantity launch for all black emp items, so good idea to reserve. She's not even my regular SA, I just walked in to the LV store, and she was super nice (I think she's new) and we got to talking, and she said "oh I'm not suppose to show you the book, but since you really want this bag, I'll let you look at it". LOL. My regular SA usually let's me see it, but she wasn't in.
    I liked this SA so much, I bought a wallet from her (to beat the price increase, I got the Josephine mono with red interior - I will post reveal on separate post tonight!).

    They just take your credit card info, day of launch they charge, call you or email you, if you want it you go pick it up, if you don't they reverse the charge.
    I think it just means they won't be sending a whole bunch of black emp bags to each store, just a few to test the waters. So if you don't want to wait, I would recommend you reserve.

    She let me see the Look book shows:

    emp black in speedy 30 only (25 is a yellow citron color)
    emp black in Lumi PM
    emp black in the montaigne
    emp black in artsy
    emp black fascinante
  2. Do you have pictures to post them?
  3. the "picture" was all grayed out in the lookbook for the emp black lumi, only the black montaigne was shown in full color - but you can find that picture on another post another TPFer posted.

    Also the guard was standing right next to me, while the SA went to find me my wallet, so I couldn't take out my phone to take pictures! sorry!

  4. No problem, just curious how the black empreinte look like. Hope you like it and please do a reveal when you get your baby. :smile:
  5. Yes! I am so excited!! Seriously I have been dreaming about the black Empriente! Can't wait :P
  6. No Marais in black?! :o
  7. Any pics yet?
  8. Got mine last night! ☺️yaaaaay! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1393638874.647676.jpg

  9. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Thanks Lilylovelv!

  11. Thank you!!! :smile:
  12. congrats on reserving one
  13. Congrats on a beautiful bag!

  14. Thanks img, IF you were talkin' to me hehe! :smile:
    Can't wait for your next reveal on your next purchase in Paris!!! ;)