LV tag on my LVoe scarf

  1. hi, the logo tag and "made in italy" is kind of hanging there with 2 stiches on each side....
    am i supposed to detach this? or do I place it for wearing with the tag hidden?
  2. I dont think it's meant to be detached.
  3. I just cut mine today too lol, but ya, I always cut the scarf tags cuz they're scratchy and annoying to me.....
  4. I don't think it is suppossed to be detached but if it bothers you when wearing it then you can cut it off if you want.
  5. I don't think it's supposed to be detached, but I'm sure if it bothers you, you can snip it!:p
  6. I wouldn't detach it. What the point of buying designer if your going to clip of the tag. Thats what makes designer clothes and bags expensive, the label on the inside that says LV gucci hermes chanel dior fendi ect
  7. it really just depends on your preference. but, if you ever plan to re sell it, i'd keep the tag on. :yes:
  8. Thats a good point.
  9. that drives me crazy about the scarves too. they are always just kinda flapping there with one or two stitches just 1 stitch in each corner that's all I ask for
  10. I would cut it off if it bothered you.
  11. these labels on silk scarves are actually meant to be taken off. that's why they're not stitched securely. they're like those "100% cashmere" labels they sew on the cuff of winter coats. now its up to the person if they like to leave it on or not. that's why we see a lot of people with their coat labels still atached :yes:
  12. When I see people with this, it always make me laugh:roflmfao:
  13. id take it off if it were bothering you
  14. I was wondering this because one of the sides wasn't fastened properly and has become loose...stitch it back on or cut the other one off?
  15. I took it off one of my bandeau's when it started falling off itself. I'd take it off if it bothers you.