LV Sweet necklace

  1. Does anybody have the LV sweet necklace? I am thinking about getting on. Is it dressy or casual? How big is it? Thanks!!
  2. there's one on ebay...don't know if it's authentic or not though...
  3. I love the sweet necklace it is so cute
  4. That's really cute!!
  5. Love it.
  6. It is so cute.
  7. that seller is great. I bought a wallet from her and western unioned her the funds since she dosent take paypal and she was more then patient..she rocks.
  8. well, she doesn't accept paypal that's strange, that's the safe way ever to pay. it's secure for the buyer and also for the seller. So you have excuses to not accept paypal.
  9. ^^^um not really. I dont like to use paypal either because paypal isnt all that great. they can freeze your account at ANY TIME and not release funds for 6 months and there isnt **** u can do about it.

    ever visit give it a reading.
  10. If you do something wrong yes they are going to freeze your account. If you are unable to provide a tracking number for a client or if you sent an item not as described they will help the buyer. I use paypal since 2002, they froze my account 2 times for security reasons but it was only for 3 days. Western union offer no protection what-so-ever.
  11. Yeah I've been with paypal for a few years now and I've never had my account frozen. I buy and sell on ebay and I just always transfer my balance right over to my checking account so I don't have any money in the paypal account.
  12. By the way they froze my account because I logged in from europe and they thought somebody hacked my account .

    Paypal is safe. period.

    LVbabydoll you should request the paypal debit mastercard, it's not a credit card, it's free and the fun thing is that you get a cash back everytime you use the debit card. You can also withdraw the money.

    I still love the Necklace! Im going to call elux to get the price or the vuitton hotline. Im just in love with this beauty!
  13. ^^ thats YOUR opinion. Obviously there are more then two handful of people on this very board who begg to differ and dont use paypal, not to mention all the class action lawsuits that paypal is facing from customers who are not satisfied.

    if you are happy, then good for you.

    but thousands and thousands arent.
  14. That is really cute!