LV Sweet Monogram Earrings...

  1. I hope no one has posted about this yet...

    I just got my Shop Magazine and on page 56 are the LV SWEET MONOGRAM EARRINGS....

    My scanner isn't hooked up so I can't post the photo, sorry....

    The are three hoop gold plated earrings, and the charm are enameled in Yellow or Red. On has the Heart dangling, the other the cross dangling, and the last, the quatrefoil (the flower) dangling. You choose which two to wear. Three come in a set.

    Sooo, cute, has anyone seen them yet?
  2. ive seen them on the LV site, they have a hair slide and hair clips too! so darling cute i was going to order some but :sad: theyre sold out atm and i dont have that money to spend on more earrings, i wouldnt wear them alot, i wear gucci everyday
  3. barrett.jpg




    These are sooo cute !
  4. Oh my gosh! That necklace is Yummy!!!!! Is that on the Lv website?

    I can just EAT THEM like candy!!!!

    thanks for the picture ayla!
  6. Ayla trust you to hunt down the pictures. Great job girl!

    I looooove them! I just need to know prices now.
  7. It was on, unfortunately there weren't any prices listed. :wacko: According to the UK site, the prices are:

    earrings 110 GBP

    hairclips 110 GBP

    hairpin 110 GBP

    pendant 170 GBP

    110 GBP is just under 200$ USD, so that's not too bad at all !
  8. omg I love the necklace! thanks ayla for the pics and thanks iliabag for the heads up
  9. I wish they were in white gold...too cute!!!!
  10. I held the earrings in the store, they are very cheap feeling.
  11. CUTE! thanks for the pix Ayla!
  12. Yep, not bad at all!! I just hate it when they don't list prices on their website! They probably figure, if you're looking at LV in the 1st pl, prices shouldn't matter! Ha! :lol:
  13. I have them and I love them ! But then I have the mixed strawberry/heart earrings that they put out for last years cruise collection and those are a big favorite of mine. I get many, many compliments on them.

    LV costume jewelry is expensive when compared to Chanel costume jewelry. Chanel costume jewelry is more substantial, but I still cannot resist buying all the LV earrings that come out for their cruise collection every year.
  14. i've seen them in the magazine also - it's so cute!