LV Sweet Love Scarf

  1. Hey, if any of u looked at my last post (started abt an hour ago haha), I'm going to Dublin next week to get my first speedy!

    Browsing on the LV website, I am now drooling over the new Sweet Love Scarf. :drool: However, there are no measurements or ANY information for it, for some reason its blank! Usually it has that info when I click 'other views more details' but nope there isn't!

    Has anyone seen this? I think I'm going to treat myself it its a substantial size and can actually be worn as a scarf. I own a Hermes Twilly, and if its something along the lines of that size then its definitely not worth the £160! Anyone know? Thanks!!!!!:tup:
  2. 185 cm x 25 cm
  3. Aren't the twillys more like the LV bandeaus? Correct me if I'm wrong. And I thought that the Spring/Summer thread said that the Sweet Love pattern was coming out in a bandeau as well. That should be cheaper than the scarf and more like the twilly as well.
  4. oo that is so pretty??

    Are you going to Browns in dublin to purchase? the service in there is really good!!!!
  5. i like it too.. not sure if i'll get the bandeau or the scarf? how much are they selling it in canada/us?
  6. well USD is nearly 2 dollars to the pound, so im roughly estimating about 320USD for the scarf
  7. has anyone seen it in real person? what is it made of? wool? silk?
  8. It's silk.
  9. ^^ 100% silk? oh no... i can't handle silk... if it's something more wool/cashmere base then i'll definitely go for it.. =( but i love the design though..
  10. 100% satin of silk

    it will be available (here)at 1st of february.
    When it will arrive, the SA call me , i'll go in boutique to see it,and i'll tell you my impressions!