LV suprise from BF

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  1. So me and my boyfriend had a bad row about a week ago, he was feeling pretty bad about it ... and as a peace offering I was totally suprised today when the new yellow pm inclusion bracelet arrived in the post.

    He was so chuffed because it was the very last one in a medium on LVUK ..... I love it , its so pretty. It appears to look more yellow than the first ones that were produced

    I was so pleased as I missed out on the yellow and rose pink first time around and now I have one of both ...

    Next I would love the gray or in peppermint colour ... they are both so pretty, but the peppermint (turquoise) is never availaible on the lv site...

    Please enjoy a quick pic of my LV inclusions :yahoo:

  2. Very sweet of your bf! And it looks really good on you! Congrats.
  3. aww that is so sweet, congrats!
  4. OMG they are so pretty ~ congrats! I love the GM size!
  5. :love: very nice.
  6. its beautfiul!!! nice summer color
  7. Pretty Inclusions!! Congrats on the new addition!
    And the GM is so chunky, love it!

  8. Your bf is sweet. I also love the chunky one.
  9. Very pretty, congrats!

    That's a great way to make things right again!
  10. talk about raising the white flag!!! ITS GREAT!

    never surrender!
  11. Congrats, Kimalee! BF's gotta be out of the dog house now, especially with the b-day pressies, too!
  12. ohh that's soo sweet of him :smile:

  13. Opps its Kimmy, but yes Kimalee did get some lovely Hermes items from her bf LOL
  14. Thanks everyone for your nice commenst ... yes he is slowly getting outta the dog house...

    I have to say the yellow is by far my favourite of my inclusions its so vibrant I love it :smile:
  15. awww, thats soo sweet!! congrats!!