LV Support Group :o)

  1. I've been on this Forum for a few days now and think it is just wonderful!!!

    AND I've read tons of wonderful posts about DH(s) giving the most BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT LV gifts...

    BUT just wondering if there is anyone out there (and PLEASE DON'T get me wrong- ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY DH), who feels they're just alone in their LV obsession?????? And their DH, DW, DB, DG, Family, dog(s), cat(s) etc... just don't get it??????

    Sometimes just SO frustrating!!!:heart:
  2. Just getting my husband to enter the LV boutique with me is like pulling teeth (but i have managed to convince him to buy me two small accessories, for my birthday each time). I only have one or two other real friends who "get it." One of them is also on tPF!
  3. Well add me to the group,l Hubby is kind of neutral (I spend my money on the bags) but everyone else in family thinks I am crazy to spend that kind of money on bags. To make it worst daughter in law is a "fake" bag idol, and my son says he can not tell the difference between my real ones and the fakes so I should just buy the fakes.
    So Glad I found this forum so have others to talk to
  4. no im one of the lucky ones i think. he'l buy me things and once he stood in the store with me for 5 hours and didnt complain and i no he thinks im a bit nutty hahah
  5. totally understand, my boyfriend HATES LV like absolutely, thinks all my bags are ugly, nicknamed my new epi leather madeline pm "plastic bag"... he doesn't think it feels like leather at all!!! absolutely no way I could get him into the boutique ever!! he kind of gets the other bags, he bought me a botkier for my birthday all by himself as well he says he likes designer bags he will just never buy me a brand designer bag!! he says he likes the understated... he's weird like that also refuses to buy tiffany's etc as well, has once bought me a gucci bracelet and recently chanel earrings other than that he refuses... luckily all my friends are as addicted as me so I can share the obsession with them!!!
  6. oh but i must add that the other day my dad over heard me talking about getting a new bag and he looked at me and said..."it must be phycological...what are you componsating for?"hahahahhaha but hes sweet he bought my tivoli for me
  7. me too!!! its like he's afraid to enter the boutique ( coz we might leave with something!! :graucho:) some of my friends understand. a couple of them are bag addicts themselves.. my MIL bought me a neverfull mm last year when she came home from a trip cause DH told her how much i want it. but she herself would never buy LV coz she thinks its too much for a bag.. her clothes cost 3x more than mine and she shops a lot but she doesn't get LV. i, on the other hand, spend little on clothes, gadgets etc.. but i want lv, so i buy LV.

    (jane, that wapity signature of yours is really making me want to get one!! :p)
  8. I'm definately boyfriend says to me the other day. Now this was a serious sit down conversation. His words: You know you're sick with this right? A normal woman would purchase a bag once a's OK that you spend $1,000.00 on a bag but why do you need more than one a year? I think you should go get help.
    Anyhoo....he just doesn't get it. My mom is much more supportive. She's cute she'll say things like..."Oh, we only live once" or "But they're so different". So, yeah...he doesn't understand at all. But this is coming from a man that doesn't like music either. Have you ever heard of a person not liking music?:weird: I haven't. But I love him none the less. As long as he doesn't dictate to me how I spend MY money. What upsets him is gifts (Christmas, Valentines & Birthday) it's usually LV themed for me. I guess he likes spending his money on jewelery instead of bags.
  9. DH is quite supportive. He surprised me with a few LVs last year. He sometimes does complain that I spend too much on LVs and thinks that some of my LVs are weird looking. Whatever, I buy LVs cause I love them and enjoy using them.

    Don't worry about what others think, enjoy your LVs.
  10. LOL!! Thanks for everyone's support on this one! It's GREAT to know I'm not alone!! Have one friend who LOVES handbags but not LV so much :tdown:

    Seriously though...if I want something electronical, technical, vacations, food, wine and even funiture... he's ALL over that! And can spend literally HOURS (even days) looking into it.

    I mention handbags and his eyes glaze over and he asks the same question "Don't you have that already?"


    OBVIOUSLY not!!! That's why I WANT it!!!!!:heart:
  11. My bf and friends try to understand my obsession and they are supportive I guess.

    Bf is the best, whenever I want any new item from LV, he always wants to buy it for me. :love:
  12. My husband doesn't support my obssesion at ALL!! He, along with many other hubbys, thinks I am shallow and crazy!! I thank God that I have my number one supporter....MY COUSIN, NateLouis!! I love him so so much :wlae:
  13. My husband deals with it but I think he wishes I didn't like it soooo much. I don't talk to anyone else about the LV's.
  14. The only time DH has ever gone to the boutique with me was my last birthday when he bought me an MC Wapity. He even suggested that I go to the store and get it myself! I convinced him to do otherwise.

    He semi-understands the obsession, and goes along with it because when I grow tired of a bag I can always resell it.
  15. Yeah, i find myself alone in my obsession. Ive just began to get my mom really liking the new bags... but she acknowledges and likes the mens bags that i collect and desire. My partner, likes lv a lot but doesnt approve of my spendings... as for the friends, they cant keep up with my spendings and some find stupid spending anything past $300 on a bag.