LV Sunnies: New Model!!!

  1. Okie, well I *THINK* the Soupçon rond (not PM, not GM) is a new model because it's not on LV's site or Eluxury (yet?)...

    I really like them cuz they're not too big like the Obsession or too small like the Soupçon PM/GM (imo). Or in other's words, my SA2 calls them the Audrey Hepburn's lol. I don't think the Soupçon rond is exactly like hers because hers are a bit more round on the bottom... meh, but I guess it's the closest to hers from LV's collection lol!

    Yup, just wanted to tell you guys about the (new?) model! (=BUY IT!!!! lol)
  2. were they white? cause i think i saw the sunglasses you described.
  3. the perle? Did you see it on if so, that's the Soupçon GM. I don't know all the colours available for les Soupçons ronds cuz our store JUST started selling sunnies yesterday (I was the 1st customer :yahoo: ). We only received it in Light Honey (Glitter), but I'm sure they'll make it in Perle to match up with the GM colours.
  4. hmmm...well what made me think of it was the shape was really round as opposed to normal sunnies
  5. yay, YAY, Cecilia, congrats!!!!:yahoo: your kitty is rocking the pair! :supacool: :heart:

    is that the same color as my obsession honey glitter?!!! isn't it nice and sparkly?!!! don't you just LOVE them?!!!!:tender: :heart: :heart:
  6. hehe, thanks Chie!!! They're great! I love them! but my kitty (Sammy) doesn't like them as you can probably tell in the pic... lol

    Yes, they're the same colour as the Obsessions:yes:

    How's Sophia doing? She'd better be helping mommy! and no more chewing on LV handles!!! :p
  7. I am looking for a pair of LV sunnies...could you pleae post a pic of you wearing yours?
  8. I'll take some pix in week... I'm just really busy right now with my finals lol
  9. Good luck on your finals. I can't wait to check these new sunnies out. I love LV sunnies. ^_^
  10. You can also check out the LV Sunnies club for modelling pix (I really like John`s Alhambra(?) sunnies which are for males but... iono... I htink they`d look good on girls too lol), anyway as promised, here you go even though I don`t really like posting pix of myself :push::


    and thanks Liberté!
  11. I tried on the pair you got yesterday, Cecilia, and they are GORGEOUS! I would probably prefer tortoise shell though; although the colour you got is beautiful as well (just not used to wearing lighter colours that's all).
  12. thanks TFFC! so....... are you getting them??? lol:graucho:
  13. ^^ haha, I definitely want to...are they around for long? If I don't end up getting the miroir lockit, I will definitely get these! Just hesitant now because I spent $500 on a pair of Ferragamos not too long ago :sweatdrop: However, Mum got a pair of Obsession Hex and LV are so ahead of the rest in sunglasses! :p