LV Sunglasses

  1. I have yet heard anyone purchasing a pair of LV sunnies. I got a pair, sorta octagone *Sp*? shaped frames w/ LV symbles on the sides. They are by far the best looking shades I've ever gotten. I would post a pic from LV but they don't have any yet since they are still a new addition. Any my camera phone doesn't take decent photos and my friend has my digital camera in his car which happens to be impounded. A whole nother story !!!! Anyway go check them out next time you visit the boutique. Expensive but way to cute. Or if you have a pair share your love/hate for them.
  2. here's mine:


    i think they're the BEST! can't wait to get my second pair. :cool:
  3. Aww.. I love the millionaire glasses, gorgeous !

    I've yet to purchase a pair, perhaps sometime in the future !
  4. wow..its so nice! congrats!
    Can u maybe post pic of u wearing it?
  5. Are LV sunglasses in the same price range with Chanel et all?
  6. I think they are more. Average was around $500-600.

    So more then Chanel.
  7. I want a pair so bad, I just can't decide which ones though.
  8. Blargh.. LV is still newb when it comes to sunglasses.. They don't know how to design.
  9. :P I disaggree
  10. did you know that every single pair of LV sunglasses are hand made and hand-polished? plus they make their own sunglasses. not by another manufacturer such as Safilo. i don't think one can claim the same for Gucci or Chanel sunnies.
  11. Millionaire glasses are the only ones from LV collection I've tried on and actually considered but couldn't bring myself to spend this much $$$ on a pair of shades.:sad: I still think they are HOT HOT HOT!!! (and regret not getting them)

  12. i don't think i'll ever break the AU$1600 sunglasses barrier twice. but who knows.... :shame: .... i've agonized for months trying to justify the price. but im very happy i got them eventually. :cool:
  13. I was thinking about getting the Raymundo ones for my husband for his birthday but I am not sure about buying him (a guy) that exp a pair of sunglasses. He might lose or break them.
  14. I bought a pair of LV sunglasses for my husband, not for myself. He had admired the Louis Vuitton Cup men's sunglasses when we were out shopping together. I bought them for his birthday, and he loves them. The quality is nice and because they're part of the sailing cup collection, they have the detachable head strap and they also float if you drop them in the pool, ocean, etc. so you don't lose them. They were priced at $265 and come in two sizes - PM or GM.
  15. I feel seduced by the casing alone, but sadly I need prescription eyewear.