LV sunglasses on sale????

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  1. hello!
    i know there have been threads about LV at costco, and i have seen sunglasses there before but didn't think twice about paying $689.99 for a pair.
    i went strolling by the case today, and they were down to $198.99??? i asked the SA about them and while admitting that they are not an authorized dealer for LV, the buyer got them somehow and she doesn't know how they end up with them.
    so, i had to get me a pair.
    they are tortoise in the obsession style.
    vancouver girls, they still have the bindi style left (is that what it's called? a greenish/yellow teardrop jewel in the centre)
  2. OMG! That is AMAZING!! Congratulations on the awesome deal! Now if only we could all be that lucky!
  3. great deal.... is it authenticate?:confused1:
  4. OMG! Good job!:tup:
  5. i am no pro, but i have had enough lv boxes to know the box is authentic.
    i can post pics later on :biggrin:
  6. Is it?
    I've heard that Costco made the "mistake" of selling fake Gucci watches before...
  7. if not, i should return them! but please, any pros out there, please let me know what u think of these pics then!
  8. Wow, If those are real then that is an amazing deal!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.