LV Sunglasses are so f-ing hott

  1. :wtf: I personally love the raymondo's im savin up:rolleyes:
  2. These are the only one's that I liked for S/S 06. I have them in brown and you're right, they're HOT!!!!!!!!
  3. I love the Raymundo's too. I tried to get my husband a pair in Vegas, at the Wynn, and they were all sold out.
  4. ooooo please post a pic of you modeling them!!! I think the new line of sunglasses are really hot!!
  5. Are those the ones with sparkle in them? When I went to the LV party everyone was trying on these new sparkly sunglasses and they looked very glam!
  6. no their avaiator like
  7. I love them. I also want to get the Conspiration PM's. They are killer!!! Gotta save up for them though, never paid that much for sunglasses, but you just know they would be the coolest sunglass you ever had!!!!
  8. I like them much are they btw?
  9. I want these one's

    Obsession in gold... since my Dior's are black and I don't like tortise...
  10. I love those...
  11. Matt, those are fab!
  12. They ARE steep...but the SA claims that the lense's quality is the best compared to any other "designer" sunglasses out there. She didn't convince me though...I prefer Chanels. Although I am kinda staying away from Chanel Sunglasses since everyone seem to prefer them :rolleyes
  13. i got the conspiration gm last week and i love them!
  14. So do I. I like LV for bags, Chanel for glasses / sunglasses, and Rolex for watches.
  15. I def. don't buy the whole lens quality thing, there are only so many lens producers out there and all the designers work with the top companies around. I'm also a fan of chanel sunglasses, I go to a local optical store that is licensed to sell chanel and she orders me stuff that's only available in Europe so at least I don't match all the girls in the US, lol......LV glasses are beautiful, but they're steep, too close to bag prices and I'd rather just get another bag or accessory IMO....