LV sunglasses, a question..

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  1. I went to LV today, and got a pair of sunglasses. When I was driving home, I put them on, but they were so tight behind the ears, that I had to take them off pretty fast. Now I wonder if this is "normal", or is it me that has a big head?

    I'm going to Oslo tomorrow morning, so I think they're going back to LV. I can't deal with glasses that are tight behind the ears, it's just so darn annoying.
  2. u know is they are acetate probably u can get them adjusted in any optician they heat the part that sits in your nose and then they make them fit you is it very simple I have the same problem with sunglasses
  3. mine were tight in general when i got them (may 06), but they tend to loosen a bit as you wear them. at first i could only wear them for an hour or so before i started getting a headache!

    you might just ask them to adjust the arms...unless the problem you're having is just one with the design itself...
  4. Since LV is not a optician you might to take them to one to adjust the temples.
  5. and ruin my sunglasses?!?!? I'd rather fix my HEAD! lol

    jokes...well iono...I'd return them if I were you, but I guess it all depends on how much you LOVE them cuz -->fashion over comfort right? lol
  6. I don't have LV sunglasses, but when I got my D&G ones this June, they were super tight and I seriously thought I was going to break them. After a month or so of wearing them, they did seem to loosen up a bit. So...I guess, try to wear them often until your exchange/return date is approaching, and then decide whether they fit better, or it's time to return them! I don't recommend getting them adjusted...I wouldn't let anyone non-LV touch/fix my LV.
  7. ohh that's exciting to know that LV sunglasses would actually fit my face

    most glasses are huge on me and slip off...which is a major pita considerign what they cost
  8. An optician would be the perfect person to fix the glasses, and I would NEVER trust anyone at LV to mess with them. They don't do glasses, they just have someone else make them, and the pros are the ones to go to. Adjusting glasses takes a few minutes, and then they fit perfectly with no headache-causing tightness.

  9. Let me fix my statement, if I bought LV sunglasses, I wouldn't let ANYBODY touch them. If I paid hundreds of dollars for a pair of sunglasses like that, the only way I'll keep them is if they fit me in the first place. I know it's difficult to have a pair of sunglasses fit perfectly, but still, I wouldn't give them to an optician. If they were around $100-$200 then maybe, but certainly not $500+ ones.
  10. OT... Wow... So poor ppl who wear glasses and pay $$$$ for their designer prescription eye wear should not have them adjusted because they aren't???:blink::blink:
  11. Well you should just save the headaches nor wait months until it feels a bit better
    if you take them to a proper optician they would do it perfect, heating the acetate there where it sits in your nose (don't know exactly the name of that part) with a speciall machine and then graduate them to fit your face... it is 5 min, they do that with all the glasses and sunglasses they would never destroy them and I would never prefer to destroy my face and have headaches just because is LV .... or would i?? ;) kidding
  12. AAAhh...yes, I experienced the same thing. I have both the Bindi and the black acetate ones with the flowers on it.

    Now, my black ones (which I bought last Feb) actually started to get loose. I was visiting Las Vegas and the SA in the Wynn store said that the acetate frames are some space age material that molds to your body heat. So, apparently they expand and contract.

    He suggested that I take them to an optomotrist---they have a method where they shape glasses in some type of hot sand. He said it wouldn't hurt it and that would help the glasses fit properly again (ie not so loose).

    I also stopped wearing them on my head--cuz I felt that expanded them---so I haven't done that with my new Bindi's and they are still tight around the ears.
  13. I just bought mine a month ago...

    And it was very tight around the ears like yours....I decided to manually adjust mine and they fit perfect...

    LV has stated upon purchase to take it to a Opti to get them adjusted and also said that if the lens pop out, it can be placed back with them as well.
  14. off topic slightly please don't wear sunglasses on your head I learnt the expensive way when my D&G glasses fell off and snapped....never again
  15. My optician fixes ALL of my sunglasses (LV included). I have yet to put on a pair of sunnies (LVs or not) and NOT have them adjusted. I don't see what the big deal is with having an opticial adjust them. That's one of the things they do for a living.;) Glasses are glasses.:idea: