Lv Sunglass Love- I'm Smitten

  1. I was browsing in the Chevy Chase, MD LV boutique today though there is no way I can get the purse I want right now. I saw the most fab red sunglasses. My birthday is later this month and I have a tradition of buying myself something for me. I can't believe I am thinking of paying almost $500 for a pair of sunglasses, but I have been wanting something other than black, brown and white and these looked so good on me. They have a wavy ear piece and they have medium large lenses. I had an SA write down the information, but I may have to do it.

    Am I crazy?
  2. Nope! your not crazy at all!
    I love LV Sunnies,
    I wish my boutique sold them.
  3. You're definitely NOT crazy! LV sunnies are and feel amazing! They are my fave sunnies!
  4. not crazy. once you wear LV sunnies, you won't appreciate anything else.
  5. Ooh sounds like the Ginas, they're faaab :smile:
  6. noooo not crazy at all! if they are the Gina's... those are so HOT!

    I just spent $1,050.00 on an LV pair hahha!