LV Summer 2014 Collection is here!!

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  1. The link takes me to the LV home page..:thinking:

  2. Me too??????

  3. But it shows the colorful collection? No? I just clicked on it again and it does! :smile:
  4. Here is what I see when I click on the link.. such eye candies!!

    Attached Files:

  5. I have to fight all my urges to not visit LV..! These new colors are so beautiful.
  6. OMG, the coral hot air balloon bag charm and azur insolite wallet!!
  7. Oh. My. God...the keychain/bag charm! :loveeyes:
  8. looooove those colors!!!😍
  9. I love the hat and the corail and yellow … so pretty… summer here seems to be never ending:nogood:
  10. I like the hot air balloon too!
  11. ah I love the coral hot air balloon charm too! XD
  12. Love coral color.. :smile:
  13. Oh so pretty!!!
  14. ..right?! love the summer colors!!! :loveeyes: