LV summer 06 shoes

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  1. Some of these I've seen already, some I haven't. Some are available in different color trims. I definitely have to have #1 and #2 !! GORGEOUS! What do you ladies think? :smile:

  2. These are really hot shoes ... those have got to be some of the cutest flats I've ever seen!
  3. dang these are all nice!
    i'd like that brown and navy flat.
    summer's a comin'!
  4. the flat in the 2nd row, middle column looks affordable and cute!
  5. I've been obsessed with shoes lately. I love the first and third ones in the 3rd row.
  6. I like the very last one.. but if I had the money, I'd either get the ones that Star has, or just buy another bag !
  7. I want the very 1st pair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I haven't seen the first pair anywhere yet; not at elux or LV:oh: Does anyone know what the price is? I have the the other denim wedge in the middle third row... love it, love it, love it:love: :love: :love:
  9. YOU LUCKY LUCKY GIRL!!! I:love: those as well!!! (I didn't even move the page to see that there were more shoes on the right!!!:lol: ).
  10. I love the sandals and flats! Too cute!
  11. Well, to answer my own question. I found out by calling 866-VUITTON that the first pair of shoe has a price of $415. In fact they have a bunch of new shoes appearing on their site. Go check it out:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  12. Those are all beautiful. I love the wedges!
  13. I've been drooling over the wedges in the middle of the bottom row since I spotted them on the LV website. Too bad my teeny tiny LV "boutique" (it's more like a counter) doesn't sell shoes!
  14. totally love the flat white ones!!!!
  15. I just went to ELux to check out all the LV shoes. Maybe I should splurge on shoes instead of a bag with my tax return. I keep coming back to this thread to ogle the first ones on the third row. Love them! I love these, too :love: