LV suing ebay?

  1. Very interesting. It is about time LV take some action on ebay. It is just sad to see people use there hard earned money to buy fake LV (and i know they don't know any better). :oh:
  2. Yes LV definetly is (we've been discussing this on the LV forum)...and it's about time!!!!!!!
  3. that's good to hear.. all fake sellers should go away.. ebay is not for them..
  4. I'm happy. It kills me to see people spend several hundred dollars on ebay only to find out later that their LV is fake.
  5. This is totally good news, but the blow-back is that honest sellers with authentic bags are having their listings pulled by Ebay, citing copyright infringement.
    Ebay should immediately advise sellers of the kinds of documentation that should be presented within the auction format, so that "mistakes" don't happen.
  6. I hope it doesn't mean we can't buy any authentic LV on ebay anymore.
  7. Yes!!!:yes: Finally. I've always wondered why LV has not taken them to court a long time ago. I always hated whenever eBay claims no wrong doing and do not take any responsibilities for any of their members posting. They like to take people's money, but doesn't really work hard enough to protect their members from sellers who sell fake items on their website. LV should sue them for more than $50 million! That's just a slap on a wrist. :cursing:
  8. I read the link, and what 90% of the purses bought on eBay by LV were FAKE!! Good to know, I don't buy on eBay!! Chances are you are buying a fake!!!!!! It's about time something is done, of course they aren't going after the scammers - they are going for the big cheese for $50 Million bazukas!!!! Serves them right for doing nothing to protect buyers from purchasing fakes!!!
  9. This is definitely good news and about time too :yahoo: but knock authentic LV sellers on eBay down with the same stick. I have bought many times on eBay and always make sure I research the sellers first, I've yet (knock on wood) to buy a fake. The Poupette forum also has a group of authentic LV sellers and I feel safe buying from them - lets face it, lots of us don't have the cash or sometimes the inclination to pay full retail for a bag which we know we'll be sick of in 3 months' time. I hope LV wins the case!
  10. I completely agree with you. There are some really honest sellers out there who sell excellent (and authentic) LV at the fraction of the cost, and it sucks that the scammers have to ruin it for the rest of us. Oh well, let's pray for the best!
  11. Thank god!! I hope ebay straigthens up.

  12. I am one of that honest sellers. Ebay pulled my authentic items out and let Fakes continue to sell :crybaby: I provided all of documents and photo but it did not help. They always pull items out when someone reported and that is gonna be a big problem because some sellers will use this matter to reduce competition.:hysteric:
  13. That is good news, as I often sell my personal purchases/bags on e-bay, I've noticed the apprehension (rightly so) of buyers (including myself). I hope that e-bay can be restored to an environment where one can sell an authentic bag for an authentic price instead of the price being driven by fakes, and purchases being made with fear of getting a fake.