LV Suhali

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  1. Well, I've been hesitating about posting this, since it isn't about a purchase per se. Not yet anyway - I have a wishlist, just no money.

    However, I don't know anyone else who could help me decide (even if it is just my own curiosity:shame: ), so here goes:

    Which colour do you like best?





    The only thing I'll say is that I'm not too fond of the black - don't like black bags in general. But aside from that - what are you liking?

    PS Stressing again - not for a purchase. I'm not that lucky. Unless I win the lottery.;)
  2. if i ever get around to buy a suhali.. i think i'll get either white or blue.
    but i always worry that the white leather might get dirty easier..
  3. I have the Blue ... it is beautiful (although I usually go for Red, L/V didn't make the Red color until after I purchased the Blue). I still like the Blue though!
  4. White!


    This is my L'Epanoui GM. It's the perfect size for shopping and dinner and fits wonderfully on the shoulder or forearm. I love the white so much that I am going to get a white L'Epanoui PM after I get my Paddy. :smile: Louis Vuitton's take on white and gold is gorgeous; the bag literally glows.

    BTW, the Suhali leather is luscious, plush, and extremely soft. It also cleans up easily; I had a bit of lip gloss on the top and it wiped off easily. You can also take it outside if it's rainy or snowy, no vachetta! :shame:

    The Le Fabuleux is a great bag! Have fun picking your color. :amuse:
  5. I like the blue so mcuh better than the other choices. The red seems too bold (especially since it is a strong style to begin with).
  6. The blue is gorgeous, and so is the white :love:
  7. White or red :biggrin:
  8. White - (or black)...

    the white is gorgeous and after seeing clanalois's bag who could disagree. :smile:
  9. i second this!
  10. I love the white! :love:
  11. I love your bag! It is gorgeous!
  12. White or red. I'm just not a blue person, I guess. :shame: Agree that Clanalois' bag is divine. :love:
  13. I like the white one.
  14. black. as always.
  15. i vote white! stunning!
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